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A meeting in March with Dr. Anthony Fauci and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director Rochelle Walensky raises questions of “outside influences” regarding President Joe Biden’s federal vaccine mandate, Breitbart News has learned exclusively.

Breitbart News obtained a draft of the “Principals Meeting on COVID-19 Response” on March 22, which Walensky and Fauci attended, as well as other members involved in the Joe Biden administration’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The article goes on to state the following:

The Americans for Public Trust (APT) received the document through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request through the Department of Education.

Breitbart notes that the meeting details include the following:

The document reads on page 24:

  1. No Federal Mandate. There will be no Federal mandate (statute or regulation) for vaccines or vaccine credentials. The Federal government may require credentials for its own operations and activities, such as international port-of-entry checks or workplace safety for Federal employees.
  2. No Federal Credentials. There will be no Federally-created or -issued vaccine credentials or vaccine credential solutions for universal use across the country (i.e., no Federal database of individual vaccine records and no Federal vaccine “passports”).

CLICK HERE to read more of this exclusive report by Breitbart.  See the document shared by Breitbart below:

Principals & Deputies C… by Breitbart News

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  1. Joe, you want to know why there is so much resistance? Because you, you CDC, NIH , and your party refuses to speak in a coherent voice. You all give different recommendations, requirements, and all claim non-existent science. No wonder no one trusts you or Fauci.

  2. So basically- the Butcher Biden just makes up the rules as he goes, despite expert recommendations. Just like he did when he withdrew from Afghanistan. Just like he decided – You aren’t black ( if you’re black) if you vote for Trump.. Just like he didn’t want his beautiful children( I mean come on man- Hunter is gold) to go to school with black kids!! Just like he brings the thousands of people to our country frying a Democrat pandemic!!! F this dude!!!!!!! No respect!!!!! definitely- no trust!!!!!!!!!

  3. 2 days after Biden’s speech Raytheon technologies sent out a email mandating vaccines for everyone. No testing option unless given a exemption which are impossible to get. I learned today that Sniffer and a bunch of top defense contractor CEO’s got together and discussed it. Almost all agreed (of coarse)
    These people are fkn demons. Cant believe i am going to be forced a experimental jab based off of actual misinformation. This country is F’d.

  4. They all said they did not trust the vaccine nor would they take it if Trump was President because they did not trust the FDA or the CDC. Biden, Harris, Crazy Maxine, Pelosi, on and on. They criticized the length of time it took to create the vaccine. The minute dementia Biden became the President, (by cheating), all of a sudden…they all changed their tunes. The fake media did pretty much the same. Now, many people remember Fauci and the mantra of masks don’t work. It could actually cause one to get sick because the public would touch their faces, not wear the masks correctly and paper masks do not stop he spread of disease. Remember? Who in the world would put something in their bodies after all that deceit?

    • This is something not mentioned, we are not being told what is in the shot and the formula can be changed at their desgression . Your not being told you get sick and you are own your own. Family member has a reaction someone has to care for them. A child might be permanently injured and just how long do you think insurance companies are going to pick up the bill when you participated in an experimental drug. You signed no one will be held liable so why should an insurance company. Given some time and you’ll see insurance co. Refusing to cover you.

  5. If you have been paying attention and have done your research it’s plain to see these shots kill and permanently maim people and they haven’t any idea what the long term effects may be. Any person with half intelligence would not take this thing or give this to a child. How many times has the narrative been changed? It’s not the unvaxed that’s sick and carriers it’s the vexed. I see all around me the results of the vaccinated and it hasn’t been a year yet. What’s coming? No one knows but go get vaccinated, jab your kids, grandma’s, etc. make it a family affair but be sure you purchase your burial plots cause they’ll be needed. Soon we’ll have to Val the beloved pets in the house. Good Lord folks wake up! Everyone one of us could tell a store about what happened to someone we know that got the jab. I have a list of them.


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