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Just The News shared the following information in a report on Wednesday:

The Pretrial Services Agency in Washington, D.C., will begin collecting the “personal religious information” of employees who refuse to receive the COVID-19 vaccine on religious grounds.

The agency, which assists judicial officers within the District’s court system, announced earlier this week that it will create the “Employee Religious Exception Request Information System.”

The small agency said the system of records is being created “in response to religious accommodation requests for religious exception from the federally mandated vaccination requirement in the context of a public health emergency.”

CLICK HERE to read the press release by the U.S. government announcing the new program.

“This new system will be effective upon publication. New or modified routine uses will be effective February 10, 2022,” the announcement reads.

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  1. They are documenting to go after Christians in the future. We can never let the Democrats have control again. We also need to weed out the bad FBI.

  2. Yep, the goverment is not acknowledging the religious exemption and the fact your privacy is exposed by a federal agency to” follow up” with you, beware .
    You have heard of the interment camps being built for the unvaccinated.
    Here you go how they will track.
    It is persecution of Christians

  3. Has anyone noticed that they are trying to isolate the people that object to government overreach? The people that refuse to except the mandate are losing their jobs, privacy and their privileges. Seems now with this religious reasons they are putting a list together so now it will be public information. These will be the first people gathered up and put into encampments just like Australia. There are about 140m Americans currently that refuse to get the jab. You know now why they are trying to eliminate the 2nd amendment and take your guns, watched a video from Australia of an elderly woman being arrested for not having a vax card. French government trying to do the same thing. Time to take down these globalists entities that are mandating the vaccines. This is just not a fight here in the US, it’s a fight world wide. 2022 and 2024 will be the fight for our freedoms, vote these idiots out that are challenging our constitution daily.

  4. The Supreme Court needs to step in now!
    All of our Constitutional rights are being attacked!
    Better wake the hell up and take the DemoRats DOWN!
    They are persecuting Christians! Plus, since when do we have to be identified in the Federal government, under ANY circumstances, by our race, creed, color or religious beliefs?

  5. So what we have another target list against American citizens? Tell me will it include all Immigrants who have religious exemption. That is a joke. My medical preferences and religious belief preferences are no one’s business, federal. state, family or friends unless I chose to share it

  6. I’m appalled. I can not think of any reasonable or good reason to do this. What is their reasoning or need to do this? Is it even legal-surely overreach!

  7. I have never been so angry. I have called Sheila Stokes the one in charge of this list. She will not answer my calls, return my calls or answer any emails i have sent her. I called the pretrial services agency and they have no idea of this list. Very rude Mrs. Bryant. Soooooo angry rt now!!!!!!


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