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A federal judge blocked a law in West Virginia this week that banned transgender girls from participating in female teams.

The judge ruled on Wednesday that the Mountain State cannot block transgender girls from playing on female sports teams. Gov. Jim Justice signed the bill in law on April 28, which initially banned transgender girls and women from participating in public school sports consistent with their gender identity. The ruling marks the third federal court decision in the past 30 days to block anti-transgender laws from going into effect.

The article goes on to state the following:

In May, the American Civil Liberties Union’s West Virginia chapter filed a lawsuit over the ban on behalf of their client, an 11-year-old transgender student-athlete named Becky Pepper-Jackson, who wanted to run cross country. On Wednesday, the ACLU issued a statement, calling the ruling a “big win.”

District Judge Joseph R. Goodwin, appointed by former president Bill Clinton in 1995, declared in his ruling, “At this point, I have been provided with scant evidence that this law addresses any problem at all, let alone an important problem.”

Reuters journalist Jan Wolfe tweeted:

A judge says West Virginia can’t block transgender girls from being on girls’ sports teams.

The judge wrote: “I have been provided with scant evidence that this law addresses any problem at all, let alone an important problem.”

The injunction issued today only prohibits West Virginia from discriminating against the plaintiff, an 11-year-old who, while assigned the sex of male at birth, knew from a young age that she’s a girl.

But the judge made clear his view: WV’s law is unconstitutional in general.

The ACLU of West Virginia cheered the ruling, tweeting:

A federal district judge just blocked the government from enforcing a cruel, unconstitutional law that would have prevented our client, Becky, from participating in school sports this year. This is a big win for Becky and for West Virginia kids!

Becky is an amazing kid who deserves the same opportunities as every girl her age. And Becky has a lot of people in her corner in this battle, including @LambdaLegal @aclu and @cooleyLLP. And the support of so many West Virginians!

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  1. They need to really specify. It’s the transgender that want to compete in events like track and field, swimming, etc. The events where participants are competing against each other. This is where it is unfair for the women to have to compete against a biological male. To me if the Trans athletes want to compete on team sports like soccer or softball that’s fine, they win or lose as a team. But where it’s individuals trying to achieve individual best the Trans should NOT be competing there.

  2. The biological females should boycott & refuse to compete! That way the Transgenders can compete against each other! Where’s all the women’s groups?? This makes me sick!

  3. Assigned male sex at birth… Wtf.. Try born a male… And is wanting to be assigned female at 11yrs old.. I doubt WV kids n parents are on board with this crap.. A 11 yr old making a huge decision that will have him ” cutting” himself later in life… N the parents, wont even go there.. And u can bet the real girls he ll run against R NOT HAPPY WITH THIS… ACTVIST JUDGES SHOULD NOT BE ON THE BENCH

  4. BUT: does the judge have a biological female daughter athlete in his family, who cannot win at sports because she’s being forced to compete with boys?

    A biological male athlete who identifies as a girl STILL has a boy’s physiology, and no amount of “identifying” is going to change that physiology.

    This is pandering to a micro-minority, and greatly injuring any biological female who plays sports.

    The physiological differences are why girls have separate sports teams: females and males DO have different physiological attributes, and should have separate biological team sports.


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