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The Florida Legislature passed a sweeping election bill Thursday night that would make significant changes to mail voting in the state after a record number of Floridians voted by mail in the 2020 election.

Governor Ron DeSantis said on Fox News Thursday night that he plans to sign the bill. If he does, Florida would become the latest state to overhaul its election system in the wake of the 2020 election. Republican lawmakers around the country have proposed significant changes to the way elections are conducted and some have already been signed into law, including Georgia, Iowa and Montana.

The article goes on to state the following:

The bill would add ID requirements for voters requesting to vote by mail. Voters would have to provide either their driver’s license or state ID number or the last four digits of their Social Security Number when asking for a mail ballot. The bill would also require this information to register to vote or to update a voter’s registration.

The bill would also require voters to request a mail-in ballot every general election cycle, instead of allowing one request to last for two general election cycles.

Another part of the bill affects drop boxes, requiring them to only be at permanent branch locations rather than any branch office.

The bill also bans use of private funds for elections, place limits on who can return absentee ballots, and expand the radius to 150 feet for any outside groups “engaging in any activity with the intent to influence voters.

CLICK HERE to read more from CBS News.  WATCH below, as DeSantis comments on the bill.

The ACLU is already voicing their opposition to the bill, tweeting, “Like its predecessors, the unnecessary restrictions imposed by this bill will disproportionately impact voters of color, voters with disabilities, elderly voters, and low-income voters. Simply put, SB90 is undemocratic to its core.”

Aaron Parnas, Committee Chair with the Miami-Dade Democrats, blasted the bill, alleging, “The Florida Senate just passed #SB90, a bill that suppresses mail-in voting, limits drop boxes to only during early voting, and criminalizes giving out food and water to those waiting in line to vote. This is voter suppression. This is unconstitutional.”

“We cannot let the GOP continue to restrict our right to vote. Consider giving me a follow as I fight, along with the @MiamiDadeDems, to elect Democrats up and down the ballot in Florida!” he added.

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  1. I I’m disabled and elderly.. I don’t drive… I have no problem voting I think a majority of these people talk to see their gums flap.

  2. They actually sound pretty ignorant to me. What is wrong with specific mail in and ID? How is that suppression? THey want numerous ballots from one person to be allowed. Why my President isn’t sitting in the White House now and I’m so worried about illegals and taxes and gas prices, lumber prices right now. Sleepy couldn’t be woke up to protect us. He is too busy looking for which mask looks best on him for the day

  3. The ACLU doesn’t like the bill because it stops the rampant fraud in its tracks, and secures ELECTION INTEGRITY!!! If you can’t prove who you are in order to vote, you’re probably illegally in the U.S. And by the way we are minority, elderly, my spouse is disabled, and we don’t have a problem with the bill.

  4. Aaron you are such a lier, it has nothing g to do with people of color ,it does have something to do with the cheating that went o. During the 2020 elections

  5. ACLU is left leaning liars and thieves. They want to cheat our election! Time to put them in their place!

  6. A big Thank You to my Governor DeSantis for signing this bill to protect our voting rights!!
    This guy Aaron Parnas must be on drugs..being able to show an Identification when voting is not based on the color of your skin or any other stipulation it’s to make sure that you’re the person that is legally voting!!!!

  7. Were these politicians besides being Demonrats taught the Propagandist critical race theory while in school? Other than being total MARXIST asswipes with NO CONCEPT OF COMMON SENSE AND FAIR ELECTIONS, I cannot understand why they would be against it…..sorry…I forgot, there is such a thing as COMPREHENDING WHAT THE WORDS MEAN AND NOT JUST PROPAGANDIST BULLS..T THEY ARE TAUGHT

  8. Like America isn’t fat enough now he have to be served food and water while waiting in line to vote. Give it a rest Dems you act/sound like people are going to die of starvation while on line. The stupidity is outrageous!


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