NEWS ALERT: Foreign minister says Trump brought ‘best-ever’ relationship with country: ‘We respect President Trump a lot’

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UNITED NATIONS, New York – Hungary would likely benefit from seeing former President Trump return to office as the two countries enjoyed the “best-ever political relationship” during his administration, the Hungarian foreign minister told Fox News Digital.

Hungary stands as one of the primary conservative governments in Europe. Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban this year commenced his fourth term as leader of his country, though foreign nations have accused him of eroding democracy.

“Definitely, we work together with those who are elected here in the U.S.,” Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto told Fox News Digital at the United Nations. “Well, but we have to be honest: If you look at the relationship, the political relationship under conservative or Republican administration and under Democratic administration, there’s a big change.

“Under the term of President Trump, we had the best-ever political relationship between the two countries, [the] best-ever relationship,” he added. “We respect President Trump a lot.”

Szijjarto told the outlet that if Trump returned to the White House, he was “pretty sure” that “best” relationship between the U.S. and Hungary would resume.

Szijjarto also addressed claims that Orban is eroding democracy, bashing the European Union as only defining democracy “in case the liberals are governing.”

“This is not the case in Hungary because we are a patriotic center-right, Christian democratic government, definitely against the liberal mainstream,” Szijjarto said. “They hate us, and, you know, since we are successful, we are a kind of proof that it’s not only the liberal mainstream which can be progressive and successful. A conservative political strategy can be successful as well. And they hate this fact.”

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  1. This was the case with many foreign leaders, even Putin. The left went crazy over their “friendship”. Apparently they never heard the phrase “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”.

  2. Who can respect Biden? He usurped the presidency. He disgraced us in Afghanistan, abandoning our citizens, allies, and weapons. His ineptitude tempted Putin into invading Ukraine, bringing us to the brink of World War Three. His stupidity in reversing Trump’s border policies has left our country wide open to illegal migrants, criminals, disease, and Fentanyl. His profligate spending and foolish war on fossil fuels have caused record inflation, deeply harming our country in utterly predictable ways. His weaponization of the DOJ and divisive rhetoric have brought America to the very edge of civil war.

  3. There are actually some European countries where they are not being taken over by wokeness and perversion. I hope they can hold steadfast in that. Here, all the things which used to be normal and decent are under constant attack.
    Many years ago a man could get arrested for dressing like a woman; now we have men wearing insanely large fake breasts and women’s clothing teaching our school children!


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