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Former President Donald Trump and former First Lady Melania Trump recently made one student’s day, as they sent a personal response to the student’s handwritten letter.

KWCH12 reported last week:

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) – A project for students at Colby High School showed the power of long-distance communication – the old-fashioned way. Throughout the school year, students in Yancey Walker’s class have been writing handwritten notes to former teachers, people who have influenced them and even celebrities.

This week, a surprise response put a spotlight on the project. Colby Public Schools on Tuesday shared a response one student from former President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump.

“Thank you for your wonderful letter. We are inspired by your kind words and heartened by your support,” the return letter from the Trumps reads.

The Colby Public Schools shared a copy of the letter in a Facebook post.

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  1. And on Twitter the Trump haters immediately jumped to action with accusations and ‘so what’s’.
    How sad that so many minds have been poisoned by the hatred of CNN, MSNBC, the Democrats, and the terrorists. Buzzards of a feather.

    • And every one of those hate-filled posters and organizations care more about defeating their opponents at the polls than whether it is done honestly. In fact they don’t care at all how it is done so long as they ‘win’.

  2. Trump and his family have ALWAYS cared fir and acknowledged others and thier efforts and im sure always will. A FAR cry from the doddering scum and his disgusting administration

    Lets Go Brandon

  3. President Trump & Melania are a class act. They care about people and that’s more than I can say for that pos pretender in the WH now. LGB!


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