NEWS ALERT: Georgia prosecutor: Decision to charge Trump ‘imminent’

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A Georgia prosecutor investigating Donald Trump’s efforts to overturn his defeat in the state’s 2020 presidential election told a judge on Tuesday that decisions on whether to bring criminal charges are ‘imminent.’

Fani Willis, the Fulton County district attorney, spoke at a hearing on whether to publicly release the final report from a special grand jury that spent months examining the Trump campaign’s actions.

She urged county Superior Court Judge Robert McBurney to keep the report secret for now, warning that future defendants could argue that unsealing the document hurt their right to a fair trial, among other concerns.

“We are asking that the report not be released, because – you having seen that report – decisions are imminent,” Willis said.

Willis did not give details about how soon exactly the information would be forthcoming.

Chris McGreal, a reporter for the Guardian, tweeted, “Atlanta area DA Fani Willis says ‘decisions are imminent’ on whether to charge Donald Trump over attempts to overturn 2020 election. But strongly hints prosecutions of ‘multiple’ individuals are coming.”

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  1. Trump is not allowed to speak about what he believes to be false?? Since when did this become a crime? If he truly did something wrong, I’d be very open to hearing what, exactly, the wrongdoing was.

    The hatred is real and very, very dangerous.

  2. Let see what they got . lets open All states and see who really won ? We really know who got the most votes ! For sure it was not the former VP village idiot poopy pants Magoo Bidum.

  3. Interesting isn’t it that Georgia officials don’t seem too concerned about Stacey Abrams and Rafeal Warnock‘s corruption?

  4. Pure evil BS.
    Demonrats won’t stop until evil is stopped.
    Let’s work to bring us back to One Nation Under God!

  5. If Trump is prosecuted, i pray there will be civil war to oust the political mafia of repubs and demotards that stole the election and ruling us kike we are stupid serfs.

  6. If she thinks antifa and BLm are tough guy rioters she aint seen nothing yet. The Maga crowd will destroy all of atlanta and other cities like these democrats have never seen before.

  7. Where are all these angry, biased black women office holders coming from???? Black women Mayors, black women Prosecuters, black women Election officials, etc. All seem to bring an obvious agenda to the job. All they want to do is bring down Trump and anyone who agrees with him. Unfit for the job if that’s why you ran.


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