(Commenting on)  NEWS ALERT: GOP megadonor drops support for DeSantis’ presidential bid



  1. Trump 2024! I live in Florida and voted twice for DeSantis. He’s let us down this second term. He’s too busy running for President and fighting for things that aren’t making everyday citizens bleed cash. We’re getting strapped in Florida. Homeowners insurance, housing market, the price of goods and services is making life less than sunny in the sunshine state. What’s he gonna do? Take on the illegals and drug cartels while making sure we’re still unable to secure our own front doors? Floridians are struggling. Good riddance!

    • Stacy I just returned from a visit with my daughter in Jacksonville this past weekend and the horror story they told me of their trip to Key Largo for a little mini vacation a couple of weeks ago makes me wonder what DeSantis is doing at all! The out of control Hispanic people in Miami and further south is frightening!! The will block the bridge and literally drive on both sides but going in the same direction!! Almost causing pileup’s and you are afraid if they block the bridge completely they will either run you into the edge and rob you or just stop in front and behind you and rob you and there’s no police or anything to prevent any of it! They were trying to enjoy shopping in Miami area and have dinner and that was a quick um no let’s just keep driving!! The return trip was worse! They went several years ago and it was nothing like this!! It’s like Miami is no longer America but Mexico or Cuba! And she said some of these people were from different countries so they had fights with each other out in the open like they owned the streets! DeSantis needs to bring all of that to a screeching halt!! Yesterday!! I’ve wanted to go to the keys but now oh heck no!! You don’t hear of any of this on the news or the internet sites!

  2. Florida seems to be going downhill very quickly. It’s super Over crowded and way to hot for comfortable living.
    I moved out of Florida years ago and only been back twice. No more. You can have it. Too many foreigners…. not citizens ….taking over. You have to speak Spanish mostly everywhere.
    Drivers are insane…. roadways a total disaster. Much nicer states to live in.

  3. Well apparently this mega donor didn’t pass history 101! You’d think he. Oils see that’s what’s happening to Trump has happened before throughout history in other countries. It happened under Stalin in Russia ,” Bring me the man and I’ll find you the crime”. It happened under Mao China, Nazi Germany , Cuba etc.. it’s Trump
    Or Tyranny.


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