NEWS ALERT: GOP megadonor urges Trump to drop out of the 2024 race

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Fox Business reported Tuesday evening:

Ahead of Gov. Ron DeSantis’ anticipated announcement this week, a GOP megadonor is throwing his support towards the Florida Republican instead of former President Donald Trump.

Point Bridge Capital founder Hal Lambert explained in a FOX Business exclusive interview why he believes it’s “time [for the Republican Party] to move on” to younger leadership.

“There’s a number of reasons,” Lambert said on “Cavuto: Coast to Coast” Tuesday. “One, Donald Trump can only serve one term. He’ll effectively be a lame duck almost on day one if he were to win. But I don’t think he can win the general. That’s the number two reason. I don’t think he can win the general.”

“It’s time to move on to the next generation. And Governor DeSantis has a vision forward versus hashing out things from the past,” Lambert added.

“I think Trump has peaked in the polls… I think the numbers go lower from here going forward,” Lambert said, adding that he believes DeSantis will close the gap very quickly.

The report explains that Lambert had served on President Trump’s inaugural committee in 2016.

“I think Donald Trump should drop out of the race, quite frankly,” Lambert said. “For the better of the country, I think he should drop out of the race.”

WATCH the interview with Lambert below:

Lambert endorsed DeSantis over Trump on Monday, saying, “I’m in for DeSantis this time — I plan to do a lot to help DeSantis win. Ron is good at giving a message.”

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