NEWS ALERT: House homeland chairman asks DHS and DOJ to investigate DeSantis immigrant flights

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House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Bennie Thompson (D-MS) sent a letter to the Department of Homeland Security and Department of Justice asking them to investigate flights of immigrants from Florida to Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, ordered by Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL).

DeSantis’s move to follow in the footsteps of red state governors like Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX) and send immigrants to blue states, this time by plane, has led to a political firestorm. Several leading left-wing figures, including Hillary Clinton, have gone so far as to decry the move as “human trafficking.”

Thompson is now seeking to take concrete action against DeSantis’s controversial move by getting the DHS and DOJ involved. He is confident that his request will be met favorably.

“I think a letter from the chairman … asking for them to review it would be enough,” he said, according to a tweet from The Hill’s Rebecca Beitsch, who posted a letter to DHS and the DOJ.

The Hill reports:

Committee Chairman Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.) said the panel was concerned that migrants who had recently crossed the border in Texas “were coerced to board the flight through false information. According to press reports, the migrants were intentionally misled into believing that the flight was destined for Boston and that they would receive shelter and expedited work permits after arrival.”


The letter asks the DOJ “whether any Federal laws were violated in the coercion and transport of the migrants.”

For the DHS, it requests “any coordination in their release from federal custody and any screening that may have occurred in connection to their flight within the United States.”

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  1. All these democrats will be out of a job in 5 weeks and everything is going to change it will be the democrats being arrested and jailed they are guilty of so many crimes against we the people it’s sickening enough is enough

  2. How about investigate how they got from Texas or Arizona to Florida?? Let’s start right at the beginning of we are going to be fair. Somebody relocated them inland from the illegal entry point instead of shipping them back across the border.

  3. I’m praying for a red wave that will at least slow down this stupidity… why must illegals stay in Texas? The sanctuary cities are the ones that SHOULD bare the burden…. craziest administration & times of my life!! Of course, I’m a Georgian still scratching my head of why ANYONE would vote for Abram’s… 🙄🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

    • You and me both Lisa! I’m in Georgia and it is just staggering to see a Stacey Abrams sign in a yard in some areas of town! Sad to see how people lack intelligence and ability to see the truth of all these ignorant self serving people who are running for office and they are as dumb as a box of rocks! God help us! We cannot have another election stolen like the last one!

  4. It’s bizarre to me, they fly illegal aliens all over them country in the dead of night. To red states.
    Yet 50 damn illegal aliens go to Martha’s vineyard, which is in a state that is designated as a refuge state and they want to use them Gestapo to investigate Florida for dinner what they have been doing ever since Biden got in office and ask this shit started

  5. Hillary commented on human trafficking? Seriously? Some how she points at Republican. but the index might point to whom she wants to blame, but the thumb is pointing back at her and her husband and the rest of the democrats. Charge your own party first bitch!!

  6. Biden’s administration is responsible for trafficking 1.7M people around the country in the dead of night for 18mo. Yet the Democrats go crazy over 50 Venezuelans showing up in ritzy elite Martha’s Vineyard. This is just another ploy to try & take out the Democrats 2 worst nightmares for the possible Presidential 2024 run. They’re terrified of Trump, but more terrified of DeSantis, as they think he’s Trump on steroids & can be in the WH for 8yrs, not just 4 like Trump.

  7. So, go after DeSantis for providing transport for 50 and ignore the four million plus that the Usurper and Mayorkas allowed in! Got it.

  8. Bennie Thompson is the biggest nothing burger to come out of Mississippi and believe me we have had some Lulu s. Those people in the Delta region just keep sending him back to Washington even though he’s worthless. It blows my mind he has anything to do with Homeland security. Geez!!!!!

  9. This black fat pile of shit, just like all of them have done nothing in their pathetic lives. This fat tub of lard does nothing but eat, sleep, and shit. Fucking evil bastard.

  10. This is hilarious they all signed waivers nobody was mislead they knew exactly where they were going it’s just the people didn’t want them where they were going they want them everywhere else but not their precious little Vineyard I think we should send about 10 or 12 more bus loads a day


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