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The House passed a bill on Thursday to nationalize red flag laws, which seek to keep guns away from individuals deemed a threat to themselves and others.

The legislation, dubbed the Federal Extreme Risk Protection Order, passed in a 224-202 vote. Two Republicans did not vote.

The article goes on to state the following:

Five Republicans — Reps. Fred Upton (Mich.), Adam Kinzinger (Ill.), Anthony Gonzalez (Ohio), Brian Fitzpatrick (Pa.) and Chris Jacobs (N.Y.) — bucked the GOP in voting for the measure, and Democratic Rep. Jared Golden (Maine) broke from the party in opposing the bill.

During debate on the House floor Thursday, Rep. Jerrold Nadler said, “Over the past several weeks we have watched in horror as gun violence has touched communities across the country and dozens of people, young and old, have lost their lives. The details of each case may differ, each tragic in its own way, but there is one theme that comes up most often: someone deeply troubled, experiencing some sort of crisis, had easy access to firearms. And all too often, the warning signs were clear but nothing was done to keep guns out of their hands before it was too late.”

CSPAN producer Craig Caplan tweeted Thursday, “224-202: House passes legislation to establish a federal ‘red flag’ law, allowing federal courts through extreme risk protection orders to keep guns away from people who may endanger themselves or others, & incentivize states to pass their own ‘red flag’ laws. Now heads to Senate.”

“5 House Republicans voted Yes for the Democrats’ Extreme Risk Protection Order Act to federalize ‘red flag’ gun laws: Fitzpatrick (PA) Gonzalez (OH) Jacobs (NY) Kinzinger (IL) Upton (MI). Maine Congressman Jared Golden was the only House Democrat to vote No against his party’s ‘red flag’ law gun bill.”

Rep. Dan Bishop tweeted, “Democrats branded parents as ‘domestic terrorists’ for the crime of disagreeing with them politically. Their ‘red flag’ law only continues that pattern, opening the flood gates for Dems to punish and disarm their political opponents.”

National Association for Gun Rights tweeted, “Federal Red Flag law is a violation of our due process and Second Amendment rights. Representative Thomas Massie knows that.”

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  1. If it passes I don’t think it will. It means anyone can just call in and say they feel the person is dangerous and should have guns taken away and they come take his/her guns and don’t even notify the person as to the court date.

  2. Doesn’t it feel this country is going down the communist road faster than predicted? Red flag law as people turning in their neighbor, and tonight the lefts propaganda wing will be pushing their Jan 6 BS! State controlled media?!

  3. Morons……every citizen instead should be armed instead. Who is going to go into an establishment, Church, business or school if there are people waiting for them inside armed? Here is what I am seeing as the plan of this OBiden Administration….let all these illegal young men of fighting age pour thru our borders and then take away our guns. When the time comes no American citizen will have a chance….the illegals are purposely being brought here to fight us in the streets! They will be armed we will not. Communism literally overnight. That is how it’s done my friends.

  4. With the red flag law, there are too many ways it can be abused. More freedoms taken away just like the Patriot Act, which I never approved of.

  5. No one should make decisions on “emotions.” We should have learned that from COVID. We should look at ALL angles of the shootings and find out the key denominator of what kind of issues these people have. Therein lies the problem.

  6. Anybody who has a communist family member better cut ties with them right now don’t let them in your business exclude them from your family.. they will use them against you this is what communist countries do


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