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Iran is threatening a possible assassination attempt on former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, with high-profile Twitter accounts posting inflammatory messages against him.

Pompeo, now a Fox News contributor, has been highly critical of Iran both while serving in the Trump administration and after. He was in office when U.S. forces killed Iranian military leader Qassem Soleimani, whose daughter is now threatening the former secretary of state.

The article goes on to state the following:

“[P]ompeo whines about Iran on Saudi TV. Home of 9/11 plotters,” Zainab Soleimani tweeted Friday, adding, “Live in fear liar.” The tweet included an image depicting Pompeo in a cage.

A source close to Pompeo said, “Mike took action as Secretary of State to save American lives and protect American interests, and Iranians are actively looking to respond to the actions against Soleimani.”

The translated tweet reads, “Supreme Leader of the Revolution: Soleimani’s killer and the one who ordered Soleimani’s murder must take revenge. Although, according to a loved one, Soleimani’s foot shoe is honorable for his killer and goes for his killer, Soleimani’s shoe will not be redeemed.”

Middle East News tweeted a clip from an interview with Pompeo and wrote, “Mike Pompeo’s anti-Iranian interview with the Saudi network: ♦️Some warned that if we assassinated Qassem Soleimani, former commander of IRGC QF, there would be a war, but nothing happened. ♦️US should not negotiate with Iran. ♦️Iran is committed to destroy the US and Israel.”

Several other Iranian Twitter accounts followed suit with threats against Pompeo. They all post the same hashtag LiveinFear.

Hudson Institute tweeted, “As anti-government protests over the economy continue in #Iran, @mikepompeo weighs in to @MariaBartiromo on the Biden administration’s attempt to appease Iran on @FoxNews.”

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  1. Of course on Twitter you can make death threats from known terrorist groups, as long it’s against a conservative it’s not considered “hate speech”!

  2. …and crickets from Biden. He’s to bought and sold. God bless and protect Pompeo. This wouldn’t be an issue under #45

  3. Why are these people still loved on Twitter? They are terrorists and im sorry if this is a example of the Iranian people then maybe Mike should have just nuked the whole country. I mean that’s what liba want to do to conservatives kill us all . I see no redeeming qualities .

  4. So please explain to me why Twitter is allowing this to go on??? I would consider this completely hypocritical. Where is the idiot in the White House to condemn this disgrace rhetoric?

  5. And their accounts are still active…but a virologistcwith 40 years experience gets banned for talking about vaccines he helped invent…smh


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