NEWS ALERT: Jan. 6 committee pausing hearing schedule

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The House committee investigating the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the Capitol is pressing pause on its hearings for next week and picking up again in July.

Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.), the chairman of the committee, told reporters Wednesday that the committee would hold off on the two final hearings it had planned for this month.

The article goes on to state the following:

“There’s been a deluge of new evidence since we got started. And we just need to catch our breath, go through the new evidence, and then incorporate it into the hearings we have planned,” Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.) told reporters.

Rep. Zoe Lofgren also referred to a “mountain of new information.”

Lofgren told The Hill, “I don’t think we’ve established a date yet, but we have a mountain of new information that’s come in that we have to go through.”

According to the article, the new information includes footage from a British documentarian of the attack, interviews with Trump, his children and Mike Pence.

Reporter Kyle Griffin tweeted Wednesday, “Rep. Jamie Raskin told reporters that the original Jan. 6 hearings ‘would have wrapped up in June, but we are picking up new evidence on a daily basis with enormous velocity.’ ‘The schedule is fluid,’ added Rep. Stephanie Murphy.”

Reporter Nicholas Wu tweeted, “NEW – 1/6 committee chair Bennie Thompson tells small group of reporters there won’t be any more hearings in June after Thursday and then ‘the next two hearings will be later in July.’ He cited the Alex Holder documentary, tips, and the NARA production as new evidence causing them to reconsider the schedule.”

Reporter Hugo Lowell tweeted, “NEW: Jan. 6 committee chair Bennie Thompson tells me they plan on doing on the two planned remaining hearings for sure — one on Proud Boys and one on Trump’s reaction to the Capitol attack — but in July. They may add an extra hearing or two, he says.”

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  1. Nonsense, the Kangaroo Court doesn’t like that everything isn’t going to plan, even when they don’t do due process or allow cross examination and get caught altering evidence. Here we go again where they have to rewrite the script.

  2. In other words, “No one cares about anything we’re saying. We need to make up some better shit. And that’s going to take a few weeks.”

  3. Lies, lies and more lies. If they wanted the ppl to hear the TRUTH then they would have allowed Jim Jordan on the panel.

  4. This is the same evidence you have had for going on 2 years. It is a lie and we are tired of hearing it. What about that Epstein Maxwell Client List what about Hillary Clinton’s emails nobody believes this trash they can stuff it as far up their asses they can get it and set fire to it.

  5. Probably mountain of new information comes to nothing burger. Or that the information point to the fact that they were wrong all along. 🤦‍♂️

  6. Yeah sure… have we not been drug through this crap before at our expense? No one cares about this sham. They need more falsified documents, clipped and snipped video, and spin. Are they going to produce contradicting video? What about an invite to Epps? PO

  7. Just another nothing burger cooked up by the Dems and Rinos who hate Trump. Do they really think tax paying Americans are that damn stupid!

  8. Just more lies and bullshit from these idiots!!! No one believes their fake movie theatrics!!! It’s a terrible movie just like the new disgusting lightyear movie!!!

  9. Nobody even cares about this BS. We are too busy worrying about INFLATION. You would think that they would know by now that this is all Political Theater and we know it. Give it a rest and get back to work for the people who elected you. This has become extremely old and very ponderous.

  10. Mountain of evidence? Ya right!! Things just aren’t going as they intended!! People don’t care about all your BS lies and scams!! Want a mountain of evidence?…..They should talk to Dinesh D’Souza!! He got tons!!

  11. Translation: we need time to make up more 💩 that we hope we can use to heighten the circus atmosphere and draw in the waning viewership.

  12. The ba**ards just want to keep their crap going all summer to keep it fresh on voters minds in November-shameless scumbag commies! I consider this preemptive cheating for the mid terms.

  13. How many months have they been gathering “evidence” and all this new evidence is just now coming out? Interpreted, no one is watching and we are trying to figure out how to bow out gracefully.

  14. They might as well give this up! No one believes what they are saying, so are not wasting their time! Ratings are very low! Waiting until July will not help them one bit! Big waste of taxpayer $$$!


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