NEWS ALERT: Lindell’s legal team reveals DOJ’s reasons for phone seizure

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MyPillow founder Mike Lindell had his phone seized because he is being investigated for alleged identity theft and damage to a computer in connection with a breach of a Colorado county’s voting system, according to the Justice Department’s search warrant.

The FBI seized Lindell’s phone on Sept. 13 while he was waiting at a fast-food drive-thru in Minnesota. He is contesting the seizure in court. Lindell’s attorneys revealed the warrant Wednesday for a company-issued cellphone used by the MyPillow founder, showing the DOJ is investigating the device for information potentially involving identity theft and a suspected voting equipment breach in Colorado’s Mesa County.

The warrant includes a 24-point list of information the FBI was authorized by U.S. Magistrate Judge Tony N. Leung to seize on Sept. 7. Law enforcement was given until Sept. 21 to execute the warrant.

Lindell’s lawyers wrote, “The Warrant was obtained by the Government in bad faith. In applying for the issuance of the Warrant, the [Justice] Department failed to apprise Magistrate Judge Leung of Mr. Lindell’s role in attempting to uncover violations of federal and Colorado election record retention statutes and the fact that he communicated with his lawyers about these matters. It also failed to appraise the Magistrate Judge of the subpoena it intended to serve on Plaintiffs.”

Ray (Redacted) tweeted Thursday, “I have reviewed the ‘Pillow Phone’ lawsuit filed by Mike Lindell, and let me tell you this: you have never seen a lawsuit this coo-coo for Cocoa Puffs. Allow me to share just a few highlights and lowlights from this filed legal document. Buckle up, here we go. A thread. The PillowPhone lawsuit opens with an extensive list of parties, including the entire United States government.”

“The PillowPhone lawsuit seems to think that the FBI cannot execute a warrant on you if you didn’t specifically tell them that you were stopping at a Hardee’s. The PillowPhone lawsuit for some reason declares that Mike Lindell was prepared to ram the FBI agents. ”

“The PillowPhone lawsuit also wants to make clear that Mike Lindell confronted the agents in a loud and clear voice, for some reason. They also want to clarify that the Hardee’s manager was wrong in his claim that the FBI did not execute a warrant at his restaurant. Why? The PillowPhone lawsuit raises seems to raise issue with FBI agents in a criminal investigation attempting to gather information from the criminal in question.”

“The PillowPhone lawsuit also takes issue with the fact that the FBI agents would not let Mike Lindell proceed through the drive through. There is no information whether he was able to get any biscuits or not. The PillowPhone lawsuit claims that Mike Lindell does not use a personal computer but rather exclusively uses this phone for his five presumably multi-million dollar businesses.”

“The PillowPhone lawsuit also helpfully suggests that the FBI should perhaps ask Verizon and Apple for additional evidence against the plaintiff, Mike Lindell. The PillowPhone lawsuit also claims that there was pirated SQL software in Mesa county, which is obviously directly related to the Hardee’s seizure?”

“The Pillowphone lawsuit goes on to say that the warrant was obtained in bad faith, because Mike really likes his cellphone and its no fair someone would take it away from him. The Pillowphone lawsuit makes sure to plug Mike Lindells website, in case the judge wants to check it out. And the four videos get plugged, too.”

“The PillowPhone lawsuit claims that DHS warnings about domestic extremism are designed to intimidate Americans into not using their iPhones at a Hardee’s. The PillowPhone lawsuit speculates about the use of CLSI and speculates about the Constitutionality of this hypothesized use of this technology.”

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  1. Trump is tight they are after American citizen that won’t follow the woke liberal bull shit !!! If you are true American the liberal government is after you

    You are not even allowed to ask what people that block your car why

  2. This country is going to hell really fast! I hope what we have left of our country in 2 years will be able to be fixed! The corruption is unbelievable!!

  3. When the Republicans take over the hoise, they damn well better fire every single one of these A$$holes involved in this charade! NO MORE LOOKING THE OTHER WAY!!! DO YOUR JOB AND CLEAN THE SWAMP!!!

  4. Mike Lindell has to be the most honest person that lives. He believes in truth, honesty, and against Corruption. He is having to deal with the corruption that is happening to him by this FBI and corrupt Administration. Evil is among us and we need to put a stop to it!!!! DO NOT LET THIS STOP YOU FROM STANDING UP AND NOT LETTING THEM PUT FEAR IN YOU. That is how Satan works.

  5. They are on a gathering mission they want to gather any of all information to see what proof everybody has against the election this case has never been heard by anybody whether it’s true or false

  6. The disgraced FBI and DOJ ( now know as Department of Injustice) make up whatever lie they come up with and the judge, usually batting for the same team, signs the warrant and it is summarily executed on unsuspecting citizens without any prior knowledge; there is more consideration afforded to REAL criminals I.e. Hunter the crack head, Pelosi the insider trader etc. it is clear these agencies are targeting conservatives, 45 is right, always right!!

  7. The deep state is in a panic to make people disappear before the truth gets out to the people! Once that happens they mays as well bury their heads in the sand. Judgement day is here! WWG1WGA

  8. Identity theft? You mean he isn’t Mike Lindell? 😂 I also read somewhere that the voting machines were tamper proof! How is it now that they are? 🤣 this admin’s DOJ is a pile of 💩

  9. For people who don’t think the FBI is the demoncrats arm of their party, just read this, such idiotic reasons to seize his phone, because he is a friend of Donald Trump. We’re just one step away from a dictatorship in this country !


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