NEWS ALERT: McCarthy confirms Ethics Committee investigation into George Santos as constituents head to DC

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ROSLYN, Nassau County (WABC) — One of the congressional representatives who will be at the State of the Union continues to find himself surrounded by controversy.

Some of George Santos’ constituents boarded a bus to Washington on Tuesday to confront house Republican leadership and demand that he be removed.

Later Tuesday morning, House Speaker McCarthy confirmed to reporters that the House Ethics Committee is investigating Santos.

CNN’s Manu Raju tweeted:

Speaker McCarthy told me ‘yes,” confirming for the first time that Rep. George Santos is facing a House Ethics probe.

“Ethics is moving through, and if Ethics finds something, we’ll take action,” he said when asked about Santos’ constituents calling on him to resign. 

NBC News reporter Kate Santaliz shared a video and tweeted:

Constituents of Congressman George Santos traveled to Capitol Hill to demand his resignation and deliver a petition to Speaker McCarthy calling for a vote to expel Santos from Congress.

The group, Concerned Citizens of NY-03, was created just a few weeks ago. They say they have only one goal, “have George Santos removed from squatting in our seat.”

NY Reps. Torres and Goldman join the presser.

“Of the 535 members in Congress, there’s no one who poses a greater threat to the integrity of the institution.”

TORRES: “His only reason for remaining in public office is to maintain leverage for plea bargain in the event of criminal prosecution. His only purpose is to be a punch line for comedians.”

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  1. Santos puts Republicans in a terrible position whether he is removed or resigns. But either way, between what he did and the manner in which he is acting now, he is a DISGRACE. He has no power and will not survive this either way. All he has is a huge salary.

    How is he not embarrassed as hell?

  2. And yet a Somali pos can marry her brother so he can get in the country and nothing happens? Not saying Santos doesn’t have to go, but if they want integrity, then launch ethics probe on her , and others, too.

  3. While you’re there how about investigating that moron who had the stroke. His wife is running the show and last I checked she hadn’t been elected to anything!!!


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