NEWS ALERT: Multiple deaths reported from Texas ice storm, power outages top 400K [VIDEOS]

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Seven people have been reported dead from an ice storm that has hit Texas and caused more than 400,000 power outages across the state.

The Weather Channel reported that the storm has caused dangerous icy road conditions that have caused vehicles to slide on the ice. The deaths began as early as Monday and have ticked up as the storm has progressed.

A 49-year-old woman was killed Monday when she lost control of her pickup truck and hit a tree because of the icy roads, while a 45-year-old man died after he was thrown from his car after he lost control on an overpass. Another person was killed in a 10-car pileup in Austin on Tuesday.

Hundreds of flights were reportedly cancelled Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, due to the icy conditions.

CBS News reported that 8 people have been killed as a result of the dangerous storm.

“The crippling ice storm has caused more than 200 car crashes in Forth Worth alone — and left hundreds of thousands without power,” CBS reported.

Several videos have been posted on social media of the deadly storm’s effects:

There was a massive pileup on I-10:

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  1. Can we just stop with the worthless green energy crap? It doesn’t work. Texas is floating on oil. How about using reliable energy instead?

  2. Two points, 1) make energy and fossil fuel flow again, and 2) after 4 years of cold snaps in the south, it time for people to prepare properly instead of blaming the government. Get a gas or wood stove for emergencies, or buy a diesel or propane generator that can run for 2 weeks and stay in one heated room. We’re going to be -25 f in the north but you don’t see these deaths every time we get a snowfall.


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