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Two people in Washington, D.C. are dead after a pickup truck crashed into a firework stand on Saturday.

The crash happened on Saturday afternoon around 5:30 p.m. near Nannie Helen Burroughs Ave Northeast and Minnesota Avenue when the driver of a pickup truck ran a red light and hit a bicyclist on a crosswalk.

The article goes on to state the following:

After hitting the bicyclist, the driver then careened off the road then crashed into a firework stand, according to police.

Two men were killed, both the bicyclist and the person behind the fireworks stand, the report explains. No one else was injured.

The DC Police Department first announced on Twitter, “PIO headed to the major crash scene, and will establish media briefing area at Minnesota Ave & Hunt Place NE. Preliminary report of a vehicle into a fireworks stand with multiple pedestrians struck. Additional info forthcoming.”

Police later announced, “Two adult victims have been pronounced deceased on scene. The investigation is ongoing.”

ABC7 reporter Tom Roussey shared the following details:

Awful scene at Minnesota Ave & Nannie Helen Burroughs in NE DC. Police say pickup truck driver they believe had a medical emergency hit a bicyclist after running red light, then crashed into fireworks stand. Both bicyclist & another man at the stand pronounced dead at the scene.

A closer view of the truck both the bicyclist and the man working at the fireworks stand were hit & killed by. The stand was set up on the northeast corner of Minnesota & Nannie Helen Burroughs. Police say the driver of the truck was taken to the hospital.

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  1. I’m learning to enjoy watching dim run cities implode, and their citizens of all walks get snuffed. I have no more sympathy to give. Our new America!

  2. It says he may have had a medical emergency! If that is what happened then it wasn’t premeditated or intentional! Why not wait and get the fact? Praying for all those involved! 🙏🙏🙏

  3. A Truck killed two people… this makes me so angry the way they report these things.
    It’s either a black driver or illegal immigrant.


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