NEWS ALERT: Over 1,400 US flights canceled Friday

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More than 1,400 flights scheduled to take place Friday within, coming into or leaving the U.S. have been canceled, according to flight tracking website FlightAware, as airlines continue to struggle with timely departures this summer.

Along with 1,482 cancelations, airlines had more than 7,000 delays on Friday within, into or out of the U.S.

The article goes on to state the following:

Among U.S. airlines, American Airlines had the most cancelations at 263 while Southwest was second with 193 cancelations.

American Airlines and Southwest had the most cancelations among US airlines, nixing 263 and 193 flights, respectively.

The flight problems in the airline industry reportedly stem from people traveling in greater numbers again after pandemic lockdowns.

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  1. It’s not because more people are flying!! It’s because the pilots are on strike or they can’t fly because of the jab!! They’re lying again!!

  2. Agree 💯 that is the root cause ,it doesn’t matter how many people are flying because if they all still had there jobs they would just put more planes up but they can’t because they lost piglets and flight attendants and baggage people and mechanics . But please continue to believe the bull they are spreading swallow all of it because many of you caused it with the forced jab . What happened to my body my choice or is that only for they/ them/ he/ she/ it . So they can use abortion as birth control but who would want to touch that stuff that’s already had like 6 abortions you ain’t hurting that son .It’d come to my attention that people are just plain stupid.


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