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The suspect in Monday’s July 4th parade mass shooting in Highland Park, Illinois, entered a synagogue during Passover in April just a few blocks away from where the massacre would eventually take place, but left shortly after being noticed by security guards and congregants.

“He entered wearing a yarmulke yet seemed out of place. Upon arriving, he was greeted by our security team, which includes off-duty police officers, and licensed and trained congregants, who observed him throughout,” Rabbi Yosef Schanowitz of the North Suburban Lubavitch Chabad wrote on the synagogue’s website Tuesday. “A short while later he departed without incident.”

The article goes on to state the following:

Rabbi Schanowitz told Israel National News separately that he had to ask the suspect, 21-year-old Robert Crimo III, to leave the synagogue.

“We have an armed security guard sitting in front,” Rabbi Schanowitz explained, according to “I approached him and sternly asked him to leave as I noticed he was not a member of our community.”

According to the Rabbi, authorities have instructed him not to talk about the incident.

The Central Avenue Synagogue is located near the site of the shooting. On Tuesday, Rabbi Schanowitz commented on the tragedy.

“To the shock and horror of the entire country evil was unleashed on our beloved community, and the celebration of America’s freedom quickly turned into tragedy,” he wrote.

Rabbi Schanowitz Jumped to action the day of the shooting, first ensuring the safety of young members of his community, the driving “five minutes to the Highland Park Hospital, where he had volunteered as a chaplain before the pandemic, and walked into the emergency room,” Forward reports.

From Forward:

“You have to do what you have to do,” said Schanowitz, 66. “I thought I should at least make sure that there’s clergy on the premises.”

“There was chaos,” he said — not just because of physical injuries. “There was an overload of unexpected trauma.”

A nurse suggested he go from room to room, and he began to introduce himself. “I told them I was clergy and I wished them all the best.” Respecting privacy, he did not ask anyone about their faith.

“Most of the people I saw were not of the Jewish faith,” he said. “There were a few who were.”

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  1. The authorities told him not to talk about the incident. What did the authorities not want the public to find out. Was he on their radar and they failed the public to not stop him.

  2. If he really wanted to target Jews he would planned his attack in Skokie which is well known to have a heavily Jewish population. Not Highland Park. He was targeting targeting traditional American values like 4th of July parades.

  3. Sounds like the police dropped the ball again. The mass shootings all seem to have a common thing, athorities have known about the suspects either because of past interactions with them or reported mental health reports but nothing was done

  4. Wait…wasnt that how u warranted “red flag laws”…did they work as intended?…oh wait those laws aren’t designed to take guns away from criminals…just law abiding citizens. PERFECT example why they are getting shot down as unconstitutional by SC…


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