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A Twitter thread posted by a Canadian reporter over the weekend includes disturbing accounts from a number of paramedics and morticians, who provide first-hand accounts of what they have witnessed since the coronavirus pandemic began over two years ago.

Matthew Horwood, a reporter with the Western Standard, based in Canada, announced on Saturday, “If you are a paramedic that is experiencing something similar to this testimonial, please DM me.”

Horwood then shared the following testimonial he received, as follows:

I’m a Paramedic in the Greater Atlanta area. I wish they would use OUR EMS 911 data like Israel did. We are seeing the exact same scenario here, with one difference: cardiac-related calls are overwhelmingly young males 18-30 years old.

Typical early morning scene: We arrive at a suburban home, only to find the entire family in severe emotional duress. This is what we hear: “Save my Baby! Please!” Over and over we find these young men still in their beds, deceased. Most appear to be sudden cardiac deaths. We are obligated to ask ‘was he recently vaccinated’ to which the reply is ALWAYS ‘Yes.’

I was an Army medic (68 Whiskey) yet I’ve never seen such carnage as we’re currently experiencing. The Israel study is the strongest signal in the data I’ve seen yet. For God’s sake, Stop the shots.

NOTE: Horwood does not clarify in the Twitter thread which Israel study is being referred to, but Scientific Reports published an article on May 5, 2022, titled, “Increased emergency cardiovascular events among under-40 population in Israel during vaccine rollout and third COVID-19 wave.”   (More on this study at end of this article.)

“I’ve had two paramedics reach out to me so far,” Horwood wrote.

“Call volume off the charts. I’m convinced the shots make your existing conditions worse. Old people dropping like flies,” one person wrote to him.

He shared a screenshot of another testimonial, which reads, “I am a 911 dispatcher and your tweet about young men dying is 100% accurate. Sudden heart problems with zero history. All have the same one thing in common.”

“A embalmer from Michigan started seeing these clots (“they don’t even have a word for it”) in people about a year ago,” Horwood writes.

He shares the following from Twitter user @chansurance:

@chansurance writes: “My daughter is a trade embalmer in metro Detroit. She’s seeing “white rubbery stuff” collagen like/protein build up perhaps? Draining out of some of her decedents. Here is a recent photo. It’s about a foot and a half long.”

Horwood continues blasting out additional stories.  See below:

I’ve read articles claiming pic-related has been pulled out of people. I’ve refused to believe it. I asked the embalmer’s mom if she’s seen them.

“Those images, she says, are the same things but with the blood cleaned off. That’s what they are pulling out of the jugular vein.”

“Normal clots are clumps of blood platelets and are dark red and like jello in texture. These strange clots are long, tubular, stretchy and white which in her opinion may be a build up of protein. You’re not supposed to have large amounts of protein in your veins like that.”

I just spoke with a paramedic of 25 years. He says during the pandemic’s early stages, he was not busy at all.

“If I hadn’t heard about COVID all day, every day in the news, I don’t think I would have known that anything was any different.”

I asked if he thought COVID was exaggerated by the media/politicians, and he said, “that’s an understatement.”

He claims everybody that was brought into the hospital was labeled as having COVID, no matter what their symptoms were.

But last year, he began seeing people with strange ailments. A woman in her 30’s who suddenly went blind. Men under 25 having heart attacks. People having seizures for the first time later in life, which is atypical.

“I can’t remember ever seeing anything like that before.”

“I think I saw a few people that went blind, but her in particular, she was pretty young and healthy. People don’t just suddenly go blind, unless they get hit in the head or have a stroke. To just go blind, shortly after being vakzinated, I can’t imagine what else that would be.”

“There was a guy in his in his 20s, very fit. He woke up in the middle of the night screaming with chest pains. We couldn’t even assess him because he couldn’t talk to us. He was in so much pain and writhing around. I can’t prove to you what caused that, but he had been vaxxxed.”

He was fired in October of 2021 for not getting the shot. He said there was “a max of 10% that thought like me,” but many of them were coerced into getting it.

“They were young and not in a position to retire, so they didn’t have a choice.”

He said when the very pro-vacks paramedics see these strange medical incidents, they will “just turn a blind eye to it.”

“They just say, ‘it can’t be the vackscene because that’s been proven safe and effective. So it’s got to be something else.'”

“Then people like me, we just see these calls differently. We look at a patient with those presentations, and we think, ‘we can’t prove it, but maybe it was the vackscene,’ and at least be open-minded. Whereas the other people wouldn’t even consider it as a possibility.”

“It seems clear to me, at this point, that the vackscenes are causing a lot more harm than the actual virus. I’m not saying that there is no COVID virus, I just don’t think it’s any more serious than the average seasonal flu.”

“And what we’ve done is beyond stupid.”

Next Horwood shared a screenshot of another testimonial:

I have a friend that’s a paramedic. Because of what he has seen, he’s now against the vaccine. When the vaccine first came out, he was a little hesitant because it was new, but not opposed to it. Now he is 100% against it.

He’s been a paramedic over 10 years and has never seen anything like this. Young people having heart attacks and other serious adverse reactions. In fact, it caused him to study up on the vaccines and now he informs others. He’s fighting for informed consent.

Here’s a testimonial from Montana:

Hello! I am an EMT in rural Montana. I just started full time last month but I’ve been part time with the same service since Oct. 2020. I live in a town that has roughly 2,000 people give or take. There were well over 80 all cause deaths last year. It was so busy that the catering lady was booked out two months due to funerals last year. Our EMS service hit its annual call record in Sept. of 2021.

And another:

Responding to your request for medical information – during Covid I went to dispatching because I refused the vaccination. I was dispatching emergency response helicopters throughout the Southeast. In the past year the increase in stroke patients between the age of 25-40 was astounding! 3-4 PER DAY.

On a side note, in my comm center if you had to be out for Covid, which I did because my daughter tested positive, you were NOT paid if you were not vaccinated. If you were vaccinated you could just claim exposure and get 10 days paid. So frustrated!

I am back as an EMT now, found a company that did not require vaccines. Primarily we are in rural NE where many people never got vaccinated and we aren’t seeing any of the abnormalities that I was dispatching out of more urban areas.

On Sunday, Horwood tweeted, “Can some accredited experts please just come onto my Twitter profile and debunk everything I’ve been posting? I do not want to be right. I am losing my mind.”

But the stories keep coming.  Horwood just posted the following Tuesday evening:

Another paramedic. Note that she says these incidents weren’t happening at the beginning of the pandemic. What changed?

“Please keep anonymous – I work at a hospital in Nebraska and we have seen more young people with strokes than ever before. Usually the ages of 20-35 who come in with neurological issues/stroke-like symptoms who are vaccinated. Very scary,” reads a message to Horwood.

“When did this start happening,” Horwood asks.

The person responded, “I would say since late last year/early this year. With healthy young adults with no prior conditions or medical history. Definitely being overlooked and brushed aside.”

In a Western Standard interview on June 24, Horwood revealed that he had put out the request for feedback on vaccine injuries the week prior, and had received about 150 responses.   Watch below:

Scientific Reports published an article on May 5, 2022, titled, “Increased emergency cardiovascular events among under-40 population in Israel during vaccine rollout and third COVID-19 wave.”  

The report begins with the following statement: [Emphasis added]

Cardiovascular adverse conditions are caused by coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) infections and reported as side-effects of the COVID-19 vaccines. Enriching current vaccine safety surveillance systems with additional data sources may improve the understanding of COVID-19 vaccine safety. Using a unique dataset from Israel National Emergency Medical Services (EMS) from 2019 to 2021, the study aims to evaluate the association between the volume of cardiac arrest and acute coronary syndrome EMS calls in the 16–39-year-old population with potential factors including COVID-19 infection and vaccination rates. An increase of over 25% was detected in both call types during January–May 2021, compared with the years 2019–2020.

Using Negative Binomial regression models, the weekly emergency call counts were significantly associated with the rates of 1st and 2nd vaccine doses administered to this age group but were not with COVID-19 infection rates. While not establishing causal relationships, the findings raise concerns regarding vaccine-induced undetected severe cardiovascular side-effects and underscore the already established causal relationship between vaccines and myocarditis, a frequent cause of unexpected cardiac arrest in young individuals. Surveillance of potential vaccine side-effects and COVID-19 outcomes should incorporate EMS and other health data to identify public health trends (e.g., increased in EMS calls), and promptly investigate potential underlying causes.

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    • I had the Asian flu, now known as H-2 N-2. about 1950 ? Everyone in NY seemed to have it and we were all very sick for about 2/3 weeks. There was no panic. No lock down. No masks and we, most, eventually got better. Also no required vaccines. I have many questions about this illness. Gain of function at Wuhan bat lab? Organized panic by the health organizations? Cradle to grave insistence on vaccinations in a supposedly free country? Unexplained deaths from improbable circumstances hushed up by Drug companies, news organizations? Now Monkey Pox,considered a sexually transmitted disease exclusively among gay and homosexual men recently taken charge by Wuhan lab is now spreading like wildfire among the heterosexual community. Originally considered a bat virus was gain of function again used at Wuhan lab?

  1. I heard today that there were 61,000 die between Aug. and Dec. 2021 between ages 25 to 44 and no one is talking about it except a guy on local that sells insurance.

  2. DML I sent this to my wife and it wouldn’t load on her browser, they may be censoring your article, I’ve shared it a lot too

  3. Thanks this was a great article. Our government is hiding these results
    from the American people. I got the 1st 2 shots, but refused the rest. So glad I did. Please keep following this gentleman and his research so we can
    Stay informed. You do great work!

    • Good luck with those two shots. My brother called to urge me to get ‘vaccinated’ and I said ‘I’ll look into it.’ When I did there was no way I was getting that garbage and I’ve had no shots, and will never let my 10 year old son get one either. In fact I am refusing all vaccinations at this point out of concern that they will find a way to somehow get the ‘vaccine’ into other actual vaccines and then I’ll read about ‘oops, we accidentally sent out vials that were half covid vax and have flu vax. Oh well.’

  4. Dr Naomi Wolfe has all this and more.
    She’s analyzing the 78,000 pages of what’s Pfizer knows, how unsafe these are. Plus nano particle new info.

  5. Biden, Fauci, NIH and the CDC need to stop lying g to the American people. Frankly they should be charged with premeditated murder

    • You are so right. Talk about prophecy? In 1937 I asked my father who was going to win the Sino Japanese war that was raging and topping the news every day.
      My father was in his 60’s at that time and as a merchant sailor, had traveld the world and spent some time in China. His exact words to me were–
      “Gracie, I don’t know who is going to win this time but one day there will be only one government and China will be in charge.”
      Since then I have been a news junky absorbing every word I can find about China and it’s stunning how true my father’s words were. Orientals are known for infinite patience and much has happened in the world since then that changed history but is it possible my father was right? I’m 92 now and still following my fathers prediction of the march of China to world dominance. I can only pray we never witness it.

  6. One thing that astounds me is that an employer thinks they have the right to force you to put that experimental poison in your body. Any good it does is short lived, does not prevent getting or spreading covid, but the effects of the mRNA are set in motion by the ‘vax’. When the ‘vax’ screws your body up big time the place where you worked which told you to get the shot will just say ‘can’t be the vax’ and walk away, leaving you with the aftermath of what they had the GALL to tell you to do to your own body.

  7. My best friend had to take the shot for a job. Before the shot she was active and now she has difficulty walking and talking. She is being tested for Gillian’s Barre Syndrome. She called the CDC and they asked for a number on her Covid card. Sure enough it was a bad batch. They gave her a number and told her to go get tested for Gillian’s Barre Syndrome and if she had it she will be compensated. What the hell???? She’s damn near crippled now and can barely work. All because the hospital made her get a shot to get a job. She didn’t want to take it but was forced. She’s single and has no one to take care of her. So she has to get up every day to struggle to get to work and do a job in public. It makes me angry that they forced this poison upon us. I refuse to take it. I had it (C-vid)and felt like I had the flu. I was better in a week. Doubled up on vitamins. And still today they still advertise these vaxscenes ( mispelled on purpose) as good for you. It’s a possible death sentence. I just pray to God my friend gets through this.

  8. Well lookie here I posted a post and they didn’t post it. Can’t keep it secret forever. My friend is damn near crippled from it. She can barely walk and talk. She may have Gillian’s Barre Syndrome from it. She’ll be tested this week. They are censoring this post. What I said about her symptoms and through a red flag. Just don’t take it!!!

  9. There are so many people I’d like to share this with but they’re all vaxxed so I won’t. Sent so many articles prior trying to warn people but it was all ignored so it serves no purpose at this point. Those who didn’t listen will just get angry and deny whatever they’re presented with now. We all made our choice.

  10. This was a great article Dennis! Thanks for posting all the details. What is being found in ppl who have died since vac rollout and the examination in lab by doctors of what is in these vaccines is coming out more and more. Many are reporting. One good resource doing a lot of investigation in U.S. is Steve Kirsch who founded the vaccine safety research foundation (VSRF). I’d like to hear/see DML interview him. There are many doctors appearing on networks like CHD.Tv and who have much intel on all this. Dr Jessica Rose is doing a lot of good work and speaking out a lot. As does Dr. Sherry Tenpenny, and Dr. Carrie Madej. All good resources for those interested to know more.


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