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All 50 of Portland police’s highly trained rapid response unit voted unanimously to resign on Wednesday during a union meeting in response to the recent indictment of Officer Corey Budworth for allegedly assaulting a photographer with his baton during as an overnight riot broke out last August.

“Unfortunately, this decorated public servant has been caught in the crossfire of agenda-driven city leaders and a politicized criminal justice system,” the Portland Police Association said in an initial statement Tuesday after a Multnomah County grand jury indicted Budworth on one count of fourth-degree assault related to an incident that occurred on Aug. 18, 2020.

The article goes on to state the following:

That night, according to the police union, a group of about 200 demonstrators – many equipped with tactical helmets, faces covered, and armed with a variety of weapons – descended on the Multnomah Building in southeast Portland. Multiple dumpsters were set on fire, buildings were defaced, and windows were broken. A riot soon was declared at the planned event after someone from the crowd launched a Molotov cocktail into the Multnomah Building, setting it ablaze.

The report explains that officers had been dealing with the rioters for 75 consecutive nights. On the night of the incident, Officer Budworth was among those tasked with dealing with the riot.

The Portland Police Association said, “Per PPB Command Staff orders, RRT officers cleared the rioters from the area to allow the Fire Bureau to extinguish the blaze. But the rioters were not satisfied.”

The rioters regrouped and began marching back toward the Multnomah Building. Officer Budworth was knocked to the ground, and officers deployed pepper spray as the crowd became more aggressive.

When officers were trying to arrest one rioter, other rioters tried to stop them. Budworth used his baton to push one rioter back, later identified as Teri Jacobs, an activist and photographer. In doing so, she fell to the ground.

The incident is captured toward the end of the video below:

The Portland Police Bureau (PPB) released the following statement:

On June 16, 2021, Portland Police Bureau employees serving as members of the Rapid Response Team (RRT) left their voluntary positions and no longer comprise a team. Its members were sworn employees of the Portland Police who served on RRT in addition to their daily assignment in the Bureau. Despite no longer serving on RRT, they will continue in their regular assignments. There were approximately 50 employees serving as RRT members.

The Rapid Response Team is an all-hazard incident response team that has received advanced specialized training to respond to incidents requiring higher levels of technical expertise including public order policing, natural or man-made disasters. The primary role has been to provide public safety at crowd events when there was a threat of harm to the community. All Rapid Response Team members are trained in advanced skills related to crowd management and crowd control including crowd psychology and behavior, team formations and movements, the use of enhanced personal protective equipment, use of force, de-escalation and arrests.

Post Millennial journalist Andy Ngo tweeted, “Breaking: Portland Police’s entire rapid response team, the unit tasked with responding to riots, has resigned from their roles after @DAMikeSchmidt announced the prosecution of one of them & Oregon DOJ is investigating another.”

“The significance of the entire resignation from the Rapid Response Team means there will essentially be no response from Portland Police when a riot breaks out.”

Below are two videos of the chaos that was taking place the night of Aug. 18, 2020.

On Tuesday, Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt announced that a grand jury indicted Portland Police Officer Corey Budworth with one count of Assault in the Fourth Degree for alleged criminal conduct that occurred during a protest.

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  1. Good. Happy they are taking a stand. They put them selves at risk everyday for people who don’t behave. They should all be like school teachers & go on strike. Every officer in every state needs to strike & let people defend themselves & that means Washington Police for Politicians too. People are tired of the rhetoric. Why risk their life for people who don’t appreciate it?

  2. The RRT really has no backing or support from city officials. Rioters go unpunished, no arrests, no indictments, but they are more than willing to make an officer out to ba a criminal. What the fudge

  3. Kate Brown is a follower, not an independent critical thinker or a leader.
    Ted Wheeler is an incompetent mayor
    Ted Wheeler is a clueless, unqualified Police Commisioner.
    Portland Police Chief has his hands tied
    Portland Police have been demoralized and rendered powerless.
    It starts at the top

  4. They charge a police officer with assault for doing his job yet none of the rioters, destroying property get arrested or charged with anything. This is shameful. I don’t blame them for resigning from the RRT.

  5. Good for them!
    We shouldn’t even be having a conversation about this if it had been taken care of from the first riot w/ANTIFA!

  6. Good luck Portland. You’re just falling further down the rabbit hole of destruction. You’re reaping what you have sown. Keep it up and you will no longer have a city anyone would be willing to call home.

  7. Portland is made up of mostly radical leftists . i used to live near there and the last 2-3 years i hated going into portland every time i had to ! i finally moved to a more conservative state thank God ! let them continue to ruin downtown portland … the outskirts aren’t as bad but still !

  8. These people I hope you get what is coming your way. When things start to happen to your families. You will get exactly what is coming to you

  9. While I don’t blame the police for resigning, that’s exactly what the thugs want. Wish they could open fire on the rioters.

  10. Let them have the he’ll hole they think they want. Officers you are needed at the southern border. Let them live in the crap hole thank you for your service

  11. Bring on the rioters arsonists looters and assaulter’s! Give Portland exactly what their political leaders want! Turn them loose on the public.

  12. Good luck, Portland! You obviously don’t care about the health and safety of your citizens. May you enjoy your continued swirl down the toilet of life.

    It’s no wonder seven counties in Oregon voted to move into Idaho.

  13. I really feel bad that this happened to the Portland police officers. Biden has made a huge mistake in allowing the officers to resign. He knows that it was a very big mistake because the photographer was in the way.Now all the people will not have any help. Biden needs to do something because otherwise people will be leaving Portland.

  14. We all knew the day would come when peace officers would tell the city administration on no uncertain terms to come down to the street and do the job themselves.


  16. Who blames them. I sure don’t. Why the extra risks of being on the swat team fighting these rioters trying to inflict harm on them and doing their duty to disperse rioters is charged with assault. The woman shouldn’t have been there in the first place. When you break the law you run the risks of being hurt. They have no support from the mayor or governor. So again I don’t blame them for resigning. I would move to where police are still supported and respected. I feel sorry for the good people who live in these towns who’s businesses have been destroyed and can’t leave. The rest of the Blm/antifa build a wall around the city and let them go at it. # Back the Blue. How ever don’t move south and vote the way you did in your states.

  17. I don’t blame them for resigning…good for them. Reporters need to get the hell out of the way during a riot. People need to leave Portland. Just let the thugs have the city.

  18. She ( the reporter ) got in the way , maybe reporters should stay back away from the action and nit get in the line of fire , she wouldn’t have been in the way !!!! It’s her fault that these hero’s quit ! Shame on her !!! Then again I don’t blame them, probably should’ve walked away months ago, let it burn ! Sometimes when mommy ignores screaming toddler that’s taking a fit and walks away that child stops , if no one is there to hear the screams they quit .

    • She was an “activist” with a camera. Just like the activist claiming to be a reporter in the Jan 6 stroll that sold his pics to the media. Antifa antics!

  19. I’m beginning to think there is a plan to dissolve local police by making their job untenable. Then National Military will take over run by our government. We must not allow this to happen. Be careful what to wish for and do Portland! Is this really what you want?

  20. 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    You get what you vote for. I do feel sorry for the innocent people that live there.


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