NEWS ALERT: Pro-Palestinian group shares antisemitic map of NYC targets on social media in chilling threat to Jews

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A pro-Palestinian activist group shared a frightening map of New York City landmarks on social media, highlighting the building that houses the New York Post’s newsroom, Grand Central Station and the Museum of Modern Art — and calling for “direct action” to “globalize intifada.”

In addition to the News Corp building and the headquarters of NBC News and the New York Times, Within Our Lifetime, which describes itself as a Palestinian-led community organization, also called for followers to target the Chelsea High Line and the offices of Meta — which is ironically the parent company of Instagram, the platform the group used to spread its incendiary message.

“Each of the locations on this map reflects the location of an office of an enemy of both the Palestinian people and colonized people all over the world. Today and beyond, these locations will be sites for popular mobilization in defense of our people,” the sickening Wednesday night post read.

“May this map serve as a call for every struggle to act in their own interest. As we do so, we uplift one another’s struggles and free Palestine from the river to the sea,” the group declared in the now-deleted post.

The NYPD has confirmed they are aware of the disturbing map and the threat it represents.

Rep. Ritchie Torres (D-N.Y.), who has broke from his fellow progressives to stand in firm support of Israel and the Jewish people, condemned the Within Our Lifetime group’s post. He warned:

A social media account posted the following headline: “Globalize the Intifada: Zone of Operations.”

It features a NYC map of largely Jewish organizations to target. It describes Jewish orgs as “the enemy of colonized people.” It calls October 7th “a new chapter of struggle.”

Coded calls for violence against Jews are proliferating on social media.

The ADL New York/New Jersey responded, “We strongly condemn maps of NYC that are circulating on social media with calls to “globalize the intifada” in “direct actions” and “operations” zones. This is reminiscent of the Boston Mapping Project and targets both Jewish and non-Jewish businesses and organizations for their ties to Israel. We are in touch with law enforcement and thank them for their efforts.”

NYC Councilman Keith Powers (D) also condemned the post, writing, “A social media account on @instagram stating “Globalize the Intifada” has identified locations throughout Manhattan for “direct action.” This is an unacceptable invitation to senseless violence. I strongly condemn it & have reached out to local NYPD.”

Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine, also a Democrat, announced, “An instagram account w/ 121k followers posted a map of 16 institutions in Manhattan, mostly Jewish, calling them “enemies of colonized people”. Calls for “direct action” to “globalize the intifada”. This is dangerous and reprehensible. NYPD is taking this threat seriously.”

The NYC Jewish Caucus released a statement, saying, “The post targeting institutions that are Jewish-owned or sympathetic to Jewish causes is a dangerous and abhorrent incitement to violence and poses a direct threat to New York’s Jewish communities.”

Ted Deutch, CEO of American Jewish Committee also blasted the group for posting the map.

A social media account has posted a map of dozens of institutions in Manhattan, most of them Jewish, with the headline “Globalize the Intifada: Zone of Operations.” It describes them as the “enemy of the colonized people” and calls for “direct action” to be taken.

A reminder: globalizing the intifada is a call to destroy Israel and attack Jews around the world. This is not promoting peace. This is an incitement to violence against Jews and it must be taken seriously.

The “globalize the antifada” rhetoric is already going strong among the anti-Israel protesters. Last week, New Yorker Maximillian Meyer explained, “Let’s break down “Globalize the intifada.” The term intifada refers to violent uprisings against Israel. To “globalize” those uprisings could only mean to attack Jews around the globe.”

Reporter Julio Rosas shared a video on Tuesday, showing the slogan was being chanted at a pro-Palestine protest in Staten Island.

Last month, Torres declared, “Over 1000 Israelis died from a wave of terrorism known as the Second Intifada. “Globalize the Intifada” is an incitement of violence against Jews across the globe. Anyone who utters these words of hate are inciting hate and violence. I will never cower and capitulate to crackpots who celebrate, call for, or commit violence against Jews. Never.”

On October 31, the Within Our Lifetime anti-Israel group posted a call on Instagram to “Flood all of NYC for Gaza.” They wrote:

NYC we need to step up. We are calling on New Yorkers to self organize protests everyday everywhere to stop this genocide, stop the bombs, and lift the siege and blockade on Gaza! Every corner of this city must speak out for Palestine.

Last Saturday, we flooded Brooklyn with over 100K people marching over the Brooklyn Bridge, demanding an end to the blockade and the breaking of the siege, sending a clear message to all agents of oppression that the more they try to silence us, the louder we will be.

Now we are asking you to FLOOD NYC FOR GAZA, from every borough, neighborhood, community, and struggle. Organize and mobilize in YOUR neighborhood and on YOUR campus in defense of Gaza and against all those who are guilty of the genocide of the Palestinian people. Take to the streets everyday and share your actions with us!

From across the city and around the world, across communities and national liberation struggles, united in defense of Gaza and all of Palestine, let us send a louder message to all those complicit that the more they try to stifle us, repress us, and push us off the streets, the larger our numbers will be.

Share this call to action with your organization,your campus, your community, your tribe! Let us FLOOD NYC FOR GAZA, for every inch of Palestine. With everything we have, from wherever we are. 🇵🇸

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