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A federal grand jury on Tuesday indicted the leader of the right-wing Proud Boys on a conspiracy charge stemming from the Jan. 6 Capitol attack, the Justice Department announced.

Enrique Tarrio, 38, was arrested in Miami for conspiring to obstruct an official proceeding, a felony charge that federal prosecutors have brought against hundreds of Capitol riot defendants and carries a maximum possible sentence of 20 years in prison.

The article goes on to state the following:

Tarrio is being charged alongside five co-defendants affiliated with the Proud Boys who were all indicted early last year and have since pleaded not guilty.

Tarrio was not present on the day of the Capitol riot since he was arrested on Jan. 4 for burning a stolen “Black Lives Matter” flag one month prior and was ordered to stay out of DC.

Prosecutors allege Tarrio helped organize a plan for the Proud Boys to travel to DC to obstruct Congress’s certification of the Electoral College votes.

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    • Exactly. They are trying to portray Trump as the martyr for The Proud Boys, just to try to smear Trump and keep him from being a candidate in 2024.

  1. This has been a set up by the left from the beginning, just like the attacks on Kavanaugh, the Russia Hoax. The left are evil.

  2. Why is burning a bLM flag a crime?
    Those assholes burn our American flag on a daily basis and no one is arrested!
    bLM is a Terrorist organization!
    Let these men snd worn go.
    This is all a farce!
    The DemoRats have gone rouge and it’s time to take them out!

  3. Wow…thats a stretch dont ya think?…u won’t charge arsonist who burned down cities in actual blm and antifa real riots…but ur gonna charge a guy for destruction of property who wasn’t ever at the property that supposedly got destroyed?…u people have lost ur ever loving minds…dont get me wrong I am not a fan of hate groups and these proud boys could possibly be one of those…but definitely blm and anyifa are…and it seems u have 2 totally different set of rules for different hate groups committing the same crimes…maybe because od racism?

  4. BLM and Antifuxxs hurts people and burns down buildings so where is the parity of justice with stooge Atty Gen Merrick garden!

  5. Oh well that’s great that the BLM flag was burnt! Great job of doing so PB’s! As much damage & the burning of cities & torn down statues & the many many MANY American flags those ‘racist Marxist thugs’ have done I’m patting the proud boys on the back & saying ‘way too go’ & I just wish you could’ve burned MORE! Nobody cares because nobody gave a damn when they showed their racist asses the summer of 2020!! Hells’ gonna be way too good for those I’m sure ‘satan ‘ won’t be looking forward to them coming either!!! Kyle Rittenhouse was the BRAVE HERO cause he dealt w/ their BS all by himself & yet the BLM & Antifa thugs gotta have a whole group …… woo hoo big deal they’re just being ‘bitches’ of Soros is all & they’ll see him in HELL too!! Can’t happen soon enough!!! MAGA proud & MAGA always …….✌️💪🤣🇺🇸


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