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Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) tested positive for the Chinese coronavirus, her office said in a statement on Monday, despite her status as both vaccinated and boosted.

“Statement: Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee tested positive for COVID. She is fully vaccinated and has received her boosters,” an update posted to Twitter reads. The statement suggests the congresswoman has been quadruple vaccinated, assuming she received the traditional two-dose series and later received “boosters,” per the statement.

The article goes on to state the following:

Despite her positive results, the congresswoman is continuing to urge individuals to get both vaccinated and boosted.

She added, “She encourages everyone to get tested and fully vaccinated along with their booster shots. She looks forward to a full and complete recovery.”

Fox News reporter Chad Pergram tweeted, “Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D – TX) tests positive for COVID. 148 mbrs of the 117th Congress have now tested positive. 94 mbrs this year. 33 mbrs since April 1. 12 mbrs since April 25.”

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  1. Doesn’t matter how many vaccines you’ve had, you’re going to get Covid. Everyone is just tired of the hoopla

  2. Anybody notice that this latest group of People getting Covid, are all Democrats. The people getting it the past couple months are all people who have questionable ethics..Hummm

  3. My whole family has had it the last week. My daughter fully vaxed had it the worst. Me and my mom 83 not vaccinated have it. My mom just had a cough. I have body aches not cough.

  4. Keep getting useless jabs. Only thing you are doing is weakening your immune system. I’ll stick with no jab and keeping my immune system strong.

  5. Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee Has manure for brains. Who in the fuck puts 4-rounds of poison in their body??
    A dumbass Marxist- that’s who


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