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Todd Bensman, a reporter with Center for Immigration Studies, has gone to check out the illegal immigration crisis at the border near Del Rio, Texas, and revealed new details most mainstream media outlets have not addressed.

The massive surge of people who have illegally crossed the river and are gathering under a bridge at the border are primarily Haitians, who traveled up through Mexico. As of Saturday evening, the crowd has swelled to about 15,000, according to Fox News reporters.

The Biden administration announced Friday night that they will start deporting the Haitians back to Haiti, beginning on Sunday, and are hoping to send 5 to 8 flights per day.

However, Bensman points out that these people didn’t come directly from Haiti, but instead, have been living comfortably in Chili and Brazil for several years.

Since the recent earthquake in Haiti, they are trying to get in on a Temporary Protective Status for earthquake victims, Bensman said.

“They say 8,000 mostly Haitians are up in there. Trying for Biden’s extended Temporary Protective status extension – the earthquakes. BUT none are from Haiti. They are from years in Chile,” he tweeted.

Bensman had reported on the Haitians earlier this summer, on July 6, exposing the “bogus narrative of Haitian ‘asylum-seekers’ crossing the southern border.” He wrote:

In fact, every U.S.-bound Haitian that CIS met here – more than two dozen – said they had lived and worked in the safety, security, and prosperity of Santiago, Chile’s capital. for four, five, or even six years. Others lived in Brazil, the world’s eighth largest economy strongly rebounding from the pandemic. Now, tens of thousands are, in calculated moves, unmooring from their comfortable Chilean lives for an upgrade at the U.S. border, including this Haitian whose brother recently crossed and beckoned him to the easy entrance and richer rewards of United States life.

Asked how four years of life in Santiago, where he’d worked as a baker and Uber Eats driver, compared to the Haiti they’d left years ago, the probable future U.S. asylum claimant promptly answered: “A thousand times better.”

Then why come to the United States border now, when his life in Chile was so peaceful and non-threatening?

“Because,” he said, chuckling, “life in the United States will be a million times better.”

Now, since they’ve arrived at the U.S. border, the Biden administration says they will deport them – to Haiti.

“All the Haitians @CIS_org interviewed said the trigger for decisions to abandon the good life in Chile was that Biden started admitting Haitian families at the US border to apply for asylum and secure an economic upgrade. Pregnant women timed journeys to birth US citizens,” Bensman tweeted.

Sharing a photo of a big sign indicating where the illegal aliens should pick up their “ticket,” Bensman wrote, “All these 10,500 illegal immigrants are being issued tickets for processing out into America. I saw Border patrol and national guard right at the river crossing where they are just pouring in, just watching them enter at will, clearly under orders to let it happen.”

Sharing another photo, Bensman wrote, “Processing by ticket at the Del Rio mass migration beachhead. Everyone crossing the river takes a ticket like at the drivers license office and waits their turn. ‘Cept this wait is now three weeks long and getting longer by the hour.”

“At the Del Rio, Texas mass migration beach head where 10,000 mostly Haitian illegal immigrants have poured over under Border Patrol stand-down orders and are taking tickets to wait for processing that will take weeks. I’d hate to be the environmental group to have to clean up,” Bensman wrote.

Friday morning, Bensman headed across to the Mexico side, to find out what was going on and to interview some of the migrants coming over. Many of the migrants are reportedly going back and forth across the river, to get food on the Mexico side, then returning to camp under the bridge.

“Business is BOOMING here in Ciudad Acuna keeping the Texas migrant city supplied,” Bensman tweeted.

The Haitians are taking buses up to the border. “Buses arriving all day every day in Ciudad Acuña disgorging immigrants headed strait away to Biden Migrant Camp Del Rio,” Bensman wrote.

Bensman interviewed one man who is from Angolia. Watch below:

He also spoke with a 75-year-old Columbian man just as he was about to cross the river into the United States, tweeting, “Here is the oldest soon-to-be resident of Biden’s Migrant Village Del Rio. A Colombian and yeah he made it over.”

Walking back on the bridge, Bensman shared a video of the scene from the bridge:

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  1. Send them back where they came from! This is an invasion! Why aren’t all the patriots standing at the border with rifles to keep them out? Lock & Load people! Besides the million illegals Magoo has already let in, there’s the 95k Muslims he brought in from Afghanistan! This appears to be a takeover of our country from those sworn to protect & defend it!

  2. America has an ENEMY in the White House. And the longer this ENEMY remains there, the more he destroys America as we know it. His removal by impeachment is way past due. For the sake of America, Republicans and responsible Democrats in Congress need to act ASAP to have him removed.

  3. Haha these Haitians are screwed! They escaped Haiti years ago and have been living in chili only to be deported back to Haiti!!! IF biden really does it which I doubt!!!

  4. Besides the other illegals that have been streaming across our border into into California, Newsome has agreed to take 5400 Afghans and who knows how many of these people from Haiti will get. Newsom has set a directive that he wants to

    2 million homes or units built in California in the next year to help with homelessness and the housing shortage. The government is taking a golf course in my town and building 500 new homes. The problem is it’s not going to help with the housing shortage, it’s supposed to be affordable housing. These houses start at $1.2 million. The day after he ?won¿ the recall Newsom changed all our zoning in California from R1 to R4, which means a one residence lot, you can now have 4 houses, or a tri-plex on your lot. We are going to be like a third world country. San Francisco has houses stacked on top of each other, no yard, and they sell for over $1milliona a piece for tiny little houses, no yard, built right next to each other. And he’s going to make all of California like that. And if I Biden has his way the rest of the country will be that way too because he’s inviting half the world to come into the United States and so we can support all of them.
    THIS MUST STOP. Americans have to stand up and demand that it be stopped. But how do we do that? Because our voices are not being heard. Unless we physically go to our borders and stop these people it’s not going to happen. Besides that, we would probably all be put in jail. And they’re all not coming in across the border they’re
    obviously flying them in from Afghanistan.


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