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Minneapolis erupted in looting and riots late Sunday after an officer fatally shot a man during a traffic stop just 10 miles from where Derek Chauvin had George Floyd pinned to the pavement last May.

The Minnesota National Guard was activated to quell what devolved into violent demonstrations over the fatal officer-involved shooting of 20-year-old Daunte Wright earlier Sunday in the city of Brooklyn Center, located in Hennepin County, on the border of Minneapolis.

The article goes on to state the following:

National Guard troops arrived before midnight. The Brooklyn Center Walmart was targeted by looters who also completely destroyed a nearby Foot Locker, T Mobile and a New York men’s clothing store. Looting spilled over into north and south Minneapolis late Sunday into Monday morning as stores in Uptown and along Lake Street were also broken into and emptied.

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz tweeted, “I am closely monitoring the situation in Brooklyn Center. Gwen and I are praying for Daunte Wright’s family as our state mourns another life of a Black man taken by law enforcement.”

Black Lives Matter protesters first went on a rampage after the shooting, destroying police cars. Journalist Andy Ngo shared a video, and described Daunte Wright as a suspected gang member.

BROOKLYN CENTER, MN – APRIL 11: A man stomps the windshield of a police cruiser as people protest after Brooklyn Center police shot and killed Daunte Wright during a traffic stop on April 11, 2021 in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota. A crowd gathered to confront police as they held a line while investigators searched the scene. (Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images)

Ngo shared additional details Monday morning, including photos from Wright’s social media page. Ngo wrote, “Latest #BLM violence near Minneapolis sparked by police shooting of #DaunteWright. He was wanted on a warrant when he attempted to flee by car. He was shot & drove a distance before crashing into others. His FB is filled w/him flashing gang signs, using drugs & showing off cash.”

Ngo further reported: “The claim from #DuanteWright‘s mother & #BLM activists that he was killed by police over air fresheners is unsubstantiated. There was a warrant for his arrest. He resisted arrest & got back in the vehicle & tried to speed off. He nearly killed others during the failed escape.”

“Update: #DaunteWright was in the process of getting arrested by @BPPD for a weapons charge & escaping police before he was killed yesterday, sparking #BLM race rioting & looting. The criminal complaint says he had an illegal Ruger .45 pistol. He skipped his court date this month.”

BROOKLYN CENTER, MN – APRIL 11: People stand on a police cruiser as protesters take to the streets after Brooklyn Center police shot and killed Daunte Wright during a traffic stop on April 11, 2021 in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota. A crowd gathered to confront police as they held a line while investigators searched the scene. (Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images)

Independent photojournalist Rebecca Brannon shared a number of videos on Twitter, as rioters looted store after store, and celebrated their success in the parking lot.

“This is worst than the 1st night of the Minneapolis riots last May. Numerous stores have been hit around the area and there are not enough police – people keep returning to looted stores to finish off when cops move. Extremely chaotic and no one is going home,” Brannon tweeted.

See shocking videos below of the massive vandalism and looting spree that took place Sunday night, some of the stores left completely empty.

Another Twitter user, “Citizen Reporter,” also tweeted shocking videos of the massive looting spree.

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  1. TypIical blm destroyed things over a criminal. If this is what blm and blacks uphold as a good pooler of the black community then they are the problem.

  2. Another excuse for the pack mentality to get free stuff. Glad I’m not in charge because I would end all this rioting very fast. Sick of watching this.

  3. Justified or not, BLM loves to loot and steal as a way to justify a means to an end by stealing and destroying other people’s property. The notion that they care about other black folks is bold face LIE!

  4. Where’s Pelosi? Where’s Obama?? Hellloooo?? Anyone home??? We all know Biden isn’t!!! Where’s the fence that keeps people out? Oh that’s right, it’s just for scared Nancy! Fences use to keep the jungle animals contained but not anymore! Ah hum, just another day in America.

  5. The Governors statement is ludicrous and race baiting!!!! Take down the rioters – pepper gas or whatever it takes. Send in social workers to talk the idiots down. They defunded them police so let the mind workers take over.
    So sick of this f****** shit! An armed gang banger causing all this. Stupidity

  6. Another criminal put up as a poor innocent victim. Black youth are led to believe that this criminal is who they should emulate. Join a gang, sell drugs, become an addict, go to jail, kill people that is the message BLM is sending to the kids.

  7. These people are thieves and criminals using police doing their jobs as an excuse to riot, terrorize, steal and destroy. Everyone of them should go to prison.

  8. In honor of Daunte, we will have a looting and destruction of anything ‘police’ at midnight! Come join the celebration of thanks of Daunte for allowing us to break the law and “grab and go” some “bomb” sneakers!
    BTW, this could last awhile until we clean out the stores!

  9. Browning 30.06….Why a 30.06…? Simple…It kills them 4 , 5 , 6 deep and keeps right on going. ENOUGH SAID…PROBLEM SOLVED

  10. don’t worry Wright you will be awarded 27 millions plus 14 millions fund me..and who’re kamala Harris will take care your Jail Bonds..and the Squad Omar means 4 or ten men she been facking will fighting for you wright..

    • And let’s not forget the tens of millions of dollars to be donated by the corporations operating in the area when BLM comes knocking for their protection money, so its leaders can buy more luxury houses and launder the rest to ActBlue Democrats, even while these neighborhoods wonder why businesses and jobs have fled their area.

  11. I can’t feel sorry for a blue state that doesn’t defend their citizens. That’s the problem. They are allowed to run like animals. Don’t think one second they cared for this thug, who had a gun. It was an excuse to loot and steal. BLM is a joke. But it’s no laughing matter. They are a domestic terrorist group, that are allowed to run rampant. We are a Red state. They tried this. But we ran them out. It’s called Law and Order.

  12. The Governor doesn’t deserve to be in office. He’s race baiting and should be held equally responsible for all the destruction. He’s endorsing the response. Some of the corporations looted are the same ones justifying all this crap so there you go. This whole shit show should have been stopped a long time ago. Nobody believes it’s anything more than people taking advantage of current fake outrage and showing it’s all about looting, showing how low life you were raised. No body owes nobody nothing.

  13. Where is Twitter, google, Amazon, coke, MLB and Levi? You woke POS, if your businesses would have been in BLM’s line of fire BLM would have burnt you to the ground also. This kid was a thug and had a warrant for gun charges. He resisted arrest and tried to escape in a vehicle. This kid did not care who got in his way. Once again the police do their job and the bad guy doesn’t mind and gets killed so BLM decides to burn the neighborhood down and no one will get in trouble because Omar and the Mayor will say it’s okay to burn business down, it is the way people cope with their anger.

  14. Peaceful rioters. 🙄🙄🙄 Sigh. I still blame on propaganda fake news for giving out the hates. Included Twitter and Facebook. They are destroying our country.


  16. More free stuff….free, free, free!!!!!! That’s why these idiots really do this. They know they’ll get away with it!!!

  17. These people will never change. None of it is about rights or racism or unfair treatment. It is ALL about getting free stuff from stealing, the government, or any other handout they can find.

  18. One never hears about the white thugs who get shot and killed by police. Its all about the race card. What are the police supposed to do, put their guns down and say, young man lets talk about this for a moment. It’s be killed or defend myself. You give an inch, and thugs of all race will take a mile. Protest my ass, it is just an excuse to loot, steal, and destroy. When is the government going to wake up, and take care of this mess by locking up these thugs that carry on with criminal acts. The only ones that should be compensated are those that were truly killed by accident, like being in the line of fire, or in the wrong place at the wrong time etc. But make no mistake about it, if involved, they are not a hero.


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