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Sen. Tim Scott Thursday defended his endorsement of Sen. Lisa Murkowski for re-election, amid blowback from some Republicans who support her Trump-endorsed opponent, Kelly Tshibaka.

“The road to socialism runs right through a divided Republican Party,” Scott, R-S.C., said. “I like winning and frankly the best shot at us keeping that seat is without doubt Lisa Murkowski.”

The article goes on to state the following:

Scott said that among the reasons he thinks Murkowski, R-Alaska, gives Republicans the best chance to hold on to her seat in a key election year is that “the power of incumbency is undeniable.” He added that “she works really hard.”

On Wednesday, Scott posted his endorsement for Murkowski on Twitter, and wrote, We need strong leaders like Lisa Murkowski – someone who has worked tirelessly for the people of Alaska her entire career. Alaska, please join me in supporting @LisaForSenate!”

The tweet has received nearly 10,000 comments, including one from Murkowski, who wrote, “I’m grateful for your support, Senator Scott.”

However, other conservatives are NOT grateful, and are letting Scott know it. The outrage is pouring in.

Scott Presler: “No. We are actively working to fire Lisa Murkowski. I will also commit my time to help defeat Mitt Romney & Bill Cassidy.”

JD Rucker: “Tim Scott has been a huge disappointment. This is the culmination of his failures. Kelly Tshibaka WILL replace the feckless, RINO representation Alaska conservatives have been getting from Lisa Murkowski. Thanks for playing, Tim.”

Radio host Joe Pags: “What the HELL is Tim Scott doing here? Lisa Murkowski is the most RINO of the RINOs in RINO land! Holy crap. Why does the republican party keep doing these ridiculous things? It’s as if they WANT to be controlled by the left forever.”

Arizona state Sen. Wendy Rogers; “Tim Scott, this is a horrible endorsement.”

And the outrage continues…..

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  1. I swear to God I’m done! Never forget that this is WE THE PEOPLE’S COUNTRY! Let them be as corrupt as FUCK! BEST JUST LEAVE THIS LAW ABIDING CITIZEN ALONE, SO HELP ME GOD! I’M DONE WITH THIS BS! LEAVE ME ALONE!

  2. I liked Tim Scott till now. His endorsement of “Herky jerky” Murkowshi is a very bad move, since she’s nothing more than a glorified democrat in republican clothing..

  3. Murkowski is an evil corrupt politician and we the people are sick and tired of politicians that lie to us and stab us in back just so they can steal more money from the American people. Tim Scott you just made a huge mistake endorsing her.

  4. Somebody needs to direct him to speak with Alaskans about their feelings for her. He’ll have an entirely different concept of what she’s doing to and for the people. They can both go to H33! and enjoy each other’s company.

  5. The swamp is being drained. He came to the top. Now we all know, Tim Scott. Planned Parenthood gave Lisa so much money. And maybe because of her, abortion is still here.

  6. I will never forget Feinstein pinning her against the wall during Justice Kavanaugh’s hearing. Tim Scott just revealed himself as a Rhino / supporter. 👎

  7. Oh, Tim…..bad move…..Trump or not, Murkowski is a RINO. She is NOT A REPUBLICAN. Wrong move, Bud. Start looking for another job. When your time is up in the senate, there is no safety net. C ya!

  8. Liked Tim until this stupid move!

    Murkowski is a RINO if there ever was one! I’d rather support a true conservative and lose than support a RINO and win. You still have someone voting against us when it matters!

    Just stupid swampy justification of a really bad move!

  9. Incumbency is not a good enough reason. Murkowski has shown her true colors and deserves to e removed. Don’t like division within the GOP? She is a prime source of it. Tim Scott’s poor judgment should remove him from consideration for any higher position, IMHO.


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