NEWS ALERT: Senate ratifies international climate treaty

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The Senate voted on a bipartisan basis Wednesday to approve the Kigali Amendment, a global climate deal that calls for the phasedown of potent greenhouse gas refrigerants known as hydrofluorocarbons.

The Biden administration submitted the amendment to the Senate last year for ratification. Since it is a treaty vote, it had to clear the chamber by a two-thirds majority to become law. The vote was 69 to 27.

Congress in 2020 passed a bipartisan measure calling for an 85% reduction in domestic HFCs by 2035, which was finalized by the Environmental Protection Agency last September. Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) co-sponsored that effort, along with Senate Environment and Public Works Committee Chairman Tom Carper (D-DE).

“It’s long past time that we join the rest of the international community in addressing HFCs and taking the kind of bold, transformational climate action that this moment demands,” Carper said.

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    • Yes we are! Cars, homes, businesses…everyone. Also, BMW is starting a subscription based service starting this year…you will have to pay then $18.95 per month to use the heated seats (which you paid for when you bought the car). Same thing coming for AC. All cars eventually. Apple is rolling out starting end of year a plan where you have to rent your phone every month as well. You will own nothing and be happy….

  1. Hilarious! They passed the Inflation Reduction Act which gave grants of up to $20,000 to install heat pumps and air-conditioners which contain the exact same refrigerants this bill seeks to outlaw. How f’ucking stupid can you get.

  2. Ammonia new refrigerant wonder how environment will like all the escaping ammonia and massive increase in production or maybe back to old refrigerant SO2.


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