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Massachusetts Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D) announced Friday that she has tested positive for COVID-19 in a breakthrough case.

“After experiencing COVID-like symptoms, this morning I received a positive, breakthrough COVID-19 test result. Thankfully, my symptoms are relatively mild, and I am grateful to be fully vaccinated and boosted,” Pressley said in a statement.

The article goes on to state the following:

Pressley said that she has entered isolation and will follow public health guidelines, and urged Americans to get fully vaccinated against the virus.

“Vaccines save lives. With this unprecedented pandemic continuing to rage, I am deeply grateful for the scientists, researchers, and frontline healthcare workers who have worked tirelessly to develop vaccines that are safe and effective, and ensure that our communities are protected,” Pressley said in her statement.

“I encourage everyone to do their part by getting vaccinated, boosted and masking up,” she continued. “I wish everyone a safe and happy new year and look forward to continuing to fight for the robust relief our communities in the Massachusetts 7th need and deserve.”

Pressley is the latest name on the growing list of fully vaccinated congressional lawmakers testing positive for the virus, including Sens. Cory Booker [D] and Elizabeth Warren [D].

NEWS ALERT: Another Democrat senator announces positive COVID-19 test

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  1. Only 1 Republican on the growing list of breakthrough cases. She’s vaxxed, boosted and supposedly wore a mask and still got the bug. PROOF keeps piling up that the vaccine doesn’t work!!

  2. The same Healthcare workers your asinine party has been firing from there jobs because they know more then they are saying. I hope you choke on everything you have started you worthless excuse for a human being.

  3. Let’s just end the suspense. All Dems now how have break thru cases of Covid and will be in isolation thru the mid terms. There, fixed it.

  4. Oh! Wait a min…….. didn’t the cdc come out and say the PCR test can NOT differentiate between the flu and Covid 🤨. So is it really Covid?? 🤔

  5. I dont believe any of these idiots have gotten it be issue none of the are dead you know because it is so deadly……….one of the are going to have to go that extra mile and die……..

  6. Here’s what she really is saying- ” Thankfully, my doctor values my life and I have secretly been prescribed ivermectin and vit D and C.”
    As a nurse In a real hospital, the unvaccinated are coming I. Just as sick as the unvaccinated. The vaccinated and unvaccinated are both overweight and many times older folks. I had Covid – I’m not vaccinated and I had no serious issues. So to go around saying the vaccines are lessening the disease process isn’t factual- that’s an opinion being pushed for some sinister agenda. It’s actual misinformation.

  7. Just seem fishy to me! All the time the pandemic was raging from the beginning only the Republicans were getting it and now fully vaxxed and boosted the Democrats are getting it! What’s in the booster??????

  8. She’s full of shit. All these Dems with their “breakthrough” covid. Give me a break… they all give the same statement.

    Hey dumbass. Your jab didn’t work. You got covid. Now go shut up. 🤮🤧🤒😷

    • You are absolutely right Jen…they all have a “prepared script” they are saying!! Same BS as the last Dem who tested positive! Oh brother 🤨

  9. There it is, the scripted narrative spoken like a pro, written by the lefts liberal democrats! Idiots , like sheep all flocking together. If they had a brain, they should be saying, Hmmm its a vaccine, it should work to protect us, shouldn’t it?

    • According to Dr Peter McCullough you can only get it once, which makes this claim even more suspect. You can’t prove a negative so how does anyone know how serious their symptoms would be if they didn’t get jabbed? There’s a 99.8% survival rate and that’s if you’re elderly, obese or diabetic. People aren’t dying from omicron so stop the mandates, already. So many people have had it we must be at herd immunity by now.

  10. It’s funny how most Dems say the exact same thing when they get the vid. Symptoms mild…Got vaccinated…Thankfully. Is there an echo in the room?

  11. Yes they are reading the EXACT same script on being grateful for the vax and how mild it is because of the vax. I hope when this Covid farce is history that those who were responsible for all the shenanigans pay a steep price.

  12. 52 million + Americans (out of 350 million) have had COVID. 772,000 have died. 51,200,000 have survived. If your doctor does not prescribe you anything other than cough syrup (or nothing at all) for the deadliest virus in the world, find another doctor! Yes, it is a virus and the virus won’t kill you but the pneumonia that is a result of it for many might. Use wisdom.

  13. No body ever said they were smart
    Maybe the same thing will happen to her that happen to my cousin this morning From the 5 she was given.
    She died today.

  14. Ámazing not a Dem got this before. Now when a strain comes out that’s not as deadly they are getting it left and right. Why? Because they want everyone panicked?? Hmmmm…

  15. Funny how I know of 4 different people right now that have Covid…all unvaxxed and all have surprisingly similar syptoms…imagine that…they all describe it as a bad head cold…go figure…the fully vaxxed and the unvaxxed have almost identical symptoms…ON NO STOP THE PRESSES everyone…we have a “breakthrough” case…smh

  16. How does this make any sense to anyone!? We are living in freaking clown world 🤯 It doesn’t work…keep doing it 🤦‍♀️

  17. Watch all these jabbed idiots will suddenly come down with breakthrough cases from faulty pcr tests and claim they were ”saved” from death by the jab. Meanwhile they get a free 10 day vacation. ”Hollywood on steroids”! Negative headlines are better than none🙄. Fooling no one. Basically, you have a cold or seasonal flu. Tests can’t tell the difference.


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