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The South Dakota Senate voted to remove the state’s attorney general, Jason Ravnsborg, from office on Tuesday evening in an impeachment trial after Mr. Ravnsborg fatally struck a man with his car in 2020.

Mr. Ravnsborg, a Republican, was convicted by the Senate of two charges: committing crimes that caused someone’s death, and malfeasance for misleading law enforcement and abusing the powers of his office. A conviction required support from two-thirds of South Dakota’s Senate, which is dominated by Republicans.

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The conviction brought to an end a painful episode that has riveted South Dakota: In September 2020, Mr. Ravnsborg called 911 to report that he had hit something, possibly a deer, with his car while traveling at night on a rural highway. The next day, when Mr. Ravnsborg and others surveyed the scene where the collision had occurred, they saw that the car had struck Joe Boever, 55, who had been walking along the highway near Highmore, S.D.

The South Dakota state senate also voted to bar Ravnsborg from ever running for public office in the state again.

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem posted a statement on Twitter, writing, “After nearly 2 years the dark cloud over the Attorney General’s office has been lifted. It is now time to move on and begin to restore confidence in the office.”

Noem had previously called on Ravnsborg to resign.

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