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The Ohio Supreme Court on Friday ruled against Republican-drawn congressional district map lines that would have given the GOP an overwhelming advantage in the next decade.

In a narrow 4-3 decision, the majority found that the boundary lines violated a voter-approved measure in 2018 that handed the power to draw political boundary lines to a commission, in hopes of stemming the practice of gerrymandering.

The article goes on to state the following:

The decision comes two days after the state Supreme Court struck down legislative district lines on the same basis that the lines unduly favored one party.

Justice Michael Donnelly wrote for the majority, “[T]he evidence in these cases makes clear beyond all doubt that the General Assembly did not heed the clarion call sent by Ohio voters to stop political gerrymandering.”

Catherine Turner, executive director of Common Cause Ohio said, “It is time for the state legislature to put aside partisan interests and prioritize the needs of Ohio voters. It is time for legislative leaders to put aside their personal partisan interests and create truly fair and representative maps that reflect Ohio. The manipulation of districts is the manipulation of elections and voters have had enough.”

Ohio Supreme Court tweeted Friday, “DECISION: The Supreme Court invalidated the Ohio General Assembly bill that reapportioned Ohio’s 15 U.S. House districts, because the resulting congressional-district map violated the partisan gerrymandering prohibitions contained in the Ohio Constitution.”

ACLU tweeted, “VICTORY: The Supreme Court of Ohio issued a ruling ordering the Republican-controlled Redistricting Commission to draw a new map that complies with the Ohio Constitution. This decision sends a clear message: District maps are not to be manipulated for political gain. The court holds that the commissioners didn’t even ‘attempt to draw a district plan that meets the standard articulated [in the Ohio Constitution].’ The commission has 10 days to submit a new map to be reviewed again by the Supreme Court of Ohio.”

“Ohio voters have demanded an end to political gerrymandering time and time again. Gerrymandering disproportionately affects minority voters and this decision ensures that people — especially people of color — can have a voice in our government. Politicians do not get to choose their voters. We the voters get to choose our politicians. We and @acluohio will not stop fighting for fair maps.”

ACLU of Ohio wrote, “DEMOCRACY WINS🎉Moments ago, the @OHSupremeCourt issued a 4-3 ruling in our lawsuit challenging Ohio’s U.S. Congressional district map, ordering the Republican-controlled OGA to draw a new map that complies with the Ohio Constitution. They have 30 days.”

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  1. Democrats are trying to take over OHIO!! This is not what the voters of Ohio want!!! Donnelly is a Democratic!!! Ohio majority is republican!

    • I figured as much .
      They want the whole enchilada served up on a platter and they won’t stop manipulating until they have it.
      Seeing how excited ACLU was to use this as propaganda , I knew something had to be wrong with it.

  2. In other word make it so the Dems are guaranteed to control all of Ohio. Nothing will be fair until that happens. Something wrong with that picture, but is in fact what the powers that be want.

  3. The actual only wants democrats in power because they give them money they are corrupt and anyone working for them are a traitor to america.

  4. What is the sence of districting anyway, what the hell is the purpose. What you put me in a demorat district I can’t vote republican . What do you need a district for


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