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WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court gave Republican legislative leaders in North Carolina a win Thursday in a fight over the state’s latest photo identification voting law.

The 8-1 decision does not end the three-year-plus dispute over the voter ID law, which is not in effect and has been challenged in state and federal courts. The Supreme Court’s ruling just means that the legislative leaders can intervene in the federal case to defend the law. A lower court had ruled the lawmakers’ interests were being adequately represented by the state’s attorney general, Democrat Josh Stein.

The article goes on to state the following:

North Carolina voters amended the state constitution in 2018 to include a voter ID mandate. Lawmakers then passed the law at issue in the case to put in place the change. The law requires voters to show a photo ID to vote — a driver’s license, a passport or certain student and local government identifications.

The AP explains that Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper vetoed the new law, but state lawmakers overrode his veto.  A lawsuit was then filed by the state NAACP and several local chapters in an attempt to stop enforcement of the law, as they claimed that it discriminates against Black and Latino voters.

Republican lawmakers wanted to defend the law alongside lawyers for the state, but a federal judge had refused the request.

Justice Neil Gorsuch wrote in the Supreme Court ruling released on Thursday: “Through the General Assembly, the people of North Carolina have authorized the leaders of their legislature to defend duly enacted state statutes against constitutional challenge. Ordinarily, a federal court must respect that kind of sovereign choice, not assemble presumptions against it.”

SCOTUSblog announced, “The Supreme Court rules 8-1 that GOP lawmakers in North Carolina can intervene in litigation to defend a state voter-ID law. The NAACP is challenging the law, and the NC attorney general (a Democrat) is defending it. GOP legislators want to intervene anyway. SCOTUS says they can.”

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  1. I don’t understand how it is discriminatory against Blacks & Latinos!
    You need a driver’s license to drive, if your on any government assistance you need an ID, if you drink you need an ID to buy alcohol so how is it discriminatory! Pathetic

    • It doesn’t. That’s why the democrats are wanting so many illegals in to cheat or give voting rights to without them being citizens of the United States. I’m sure you don’t see people upset over it to buy cigarettes, beer, get into clubs, or welfare, or if they do work get a bank account, a loan, or any other zillion things. Unless you are disabled, deployed or in a nursing home to where you can’t go out or be in the states it should be in person voting for one day no mail in ballots counted after Election Day unless you are deployed military or stationed in another country. They perfected their way to cheat in 2020 & don’t want to lose it. My state went back to paper ballots. But you gotta show ID. Always have since I’ve been able to vote back in the 70s

  2. 85% of this nation of all races agrees with voter ID’s. Any action to allow voting without ID is an attempt to commit fraud.

  3. I guess if these Democrats are going to veto what 80 plus percent want, then put it on the ballot and let the people voice their opinion. Democrats are racist when they say it would hurt the blacks and Latino’s. That is BS.


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