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President Biden and former President Trump are statistically tied when it comes to their favorability among U.S. voters, according to a new Harvard CAPS/Harris Poll survey shared exclusively with The Hill on Monday.

Forty-eight percent of respondents say they have a positive view of Trump compared to 46 percent who say they have a favorable opinion of his successor. Biden’s favorability is slightly underwater, however: 49 percent of those surveyed said they have an unfavorable view of the current president, while slightly less — 47 percent — report an unfavorable opinion of Trump.

The article goes on to state the following:

The findings are a remarkable shift for Biden, who repeatedly outperformed Trump’s favorability numbers throughout the early months of his presidency.

In reporting on the survey, The Hill described it as “statistically tied,” although Trump’s favorability rating is actually 2 points higher than Biden.

Mark Penn, the co-director of the Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll survey, told The Hill, “The mounting issues on all fronts have led to the surprise conclusion that Trump is now seen as good a president as Biden, suggesting the honeymoon is being replaced now with buyer’s remorse.”

Other findings from the survey include:

  • 51% of the survey’s participants say Trump was a better president than Biden, while 49% prefer Biden
  • 55% say Mike Pence was a better vice president than Kamala Harris
  • 63% say Mike Pompeo was a better Secretary of State than Antony Blinken
  • 48% approve of Biden’s job performance, while 50% disapprove

Full poll results will be posted online later this week, the report states.

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  1. Those stats are dismal and anyone who touts that as some hoorah for conservatism is smoking locoweed. If those stats are true, it means a significant portion of the USA are under a spell of rooting for the bad guys. Biden and his admin represent a culmination of evil people and they have cast a spell on the massively stupid American population.

  2. Who the heck are these morons that are polling FOR crooked old Joe. He should be down around 29% if that. Don’t believe these ridiculous polls. PRESIDENT TRUMP did so much for our country and will continue to do so. He was robbed of an election victory,

  3. These are some dumba$$ people. If you can equally compare the two administrations you are blind about to endure some extremely painful times.

  4. Bulls**t and it really shows how awful this country has become. You cannot and will not vote yourself out of this mess. Corruption is rampant and IS ACCEPTED by the trolls. Both parties have merged into one of lies (DEMONcrates) and theatrics (so called Republicans). Lawyers and criminals are the politicians of today, worthless

  5. The problem is people that approve of Biden are brainwashed by MSM and are blinded by their misinformed hatred of Trump! Nobody with half a brain actually believes Biden is doing a good job! The grass is not greener that is for sure!

  6. I would like some proof of those stats.
    All the BS with the border, pandemic, and Afghanistan fiasco should be enough to put Trump way ahead. Besides the fact that Biden does not run the show, being a puppet for the far left mob and demon elites. He cannot even speak. It all has to be written out for him or use of a teleprompter. The media cuts out things that they don’t want Bidum to say. Like I said, it is all BS. And those that think otherwise are morons!!

  7. I just cannot believe these numbers are real. Nobody in their right mind could possibly be happy or impressed with Biden’s policy. No way.

  8. Total. BS. Just like elections,its not how many folks took the poll,it only matters who does the math at the end of the day.TDS is real and hate is still in abundance, polls mean nothing unless numbers are true,I’m sure these are not.Id like to speak to whoever thinks Biden is doing a better job than Trump, Biden has taken the lead past Obama for the worst prez in history,prove me wrong…


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