NEWS ALERT: Teachers go on 3-day strike in nation’s second largest school district [VIDEOS]

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Teachers in the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) went on a three-day strike Tuesday as negotiations fell apart and the district’s two unions walked off the job, leaving families in the lurch.

Working parents scrambled to find child care options and alternate activities during the midweek strike. The first day of the strike happened to coincide with the start of yet another storm, limiting outdoor possibilities.

As Breitbart News reported last week, the United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA) is striking in solidarity with Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 99, the union that is at the heart of the controversy.

The Los Angeles Times reported:

District officials increased their offer in a series of moves over several days. By Saturday, the offer was, according to the district, a cumulative 23% raise, starting with 2% retroactive as of the 2020-21 school year and ending with 5% in 2024-25. The package also includes a one-time 3% bonus for those who have worked since 2020-21, along with expanded hours, more full-time positions and improved eligibility for healthcare.

The union, which represents some of the district’s lowest-paid workers, includes bus drivers, teacher aides, special education assistants, security aides, custodians and food-service workers.

The report states that this district is the second largest in the U.S. with over a half million students with approximately 420,000 children who will be affected by the strike.

According to Fox News, Janette Verbera, a special education assistant and single mother, said, “I’m exhausted and not just because I’m physically tired, it is debilitating to do a job day-in-and-day-out that I passionately love and be at a salary below the poverty wage level. How do we properly service our students when we are being overworked and underpaid and disrespected?”

SEIU Local 99 Executive Director Max Arias commented, “Students have been sacrificing for too long in school environments that are not clean, safe or supportive for all. Too many workers have been subjected to harassment simply for demanding change. Enough is Enough!”

Anchor Cayle Thompson tweeted Tuesday, “#Breaking: More than a half-million students are out of class in the nation’s 2nd largest school district. Support staff in Los Angeles Unified Schools are officially on strike this morning, joined by teachers. Together, they’re calling for better wages & resources. @TND”

Journalist Steve Angeles wrote, “Los Angeles teachers are on strike until Thursday over failed contract negotiations with school support staff represented by SEIU and LAUSD. This is the 2nd stoppage in 4 years. This rally is being led by some Filipino teachers and UTLA leaders.”

Anchor Kate Cagle said, “BREAKING: thousands of LAUSD workers are on strike and teachers will not cross the picket line, shutting down schools across LA. Congressman Adam Schiff is here at the press conference launching the walk out.”

United Teachers Los Angeles commented,  “EDUCATION WORKERS ARE ON STRIKE ✊ Tens of thousands of education workers and community allies are out on strike to demand the district treat us with dignity and respect. We aren’t going to let the district disrespect us anymore. We are LA Public Schools!”

L.A. Times reporter Andrew J. Campa tweeted, “Eagle Rock High School teachers Pablo Oliveros and Michelle Youngblood-Jarmon arrive at 6:20 am to join SEIU Local 99 members in the LAUSD strike. Oliveros has a colorful red poncho with the phrase, ‘Hey Carvalho! In our ‘circus’ you’re the saddest clown.'”

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