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An anti-Israel activist who helped organize the 2010 flotilla of ships to the Gaza Strip and was the lawyer for a Palestinian terrorist who killed two Jewish college students is running for Congress as a Democrat in Michigan.

Huwaida Arraf, who this week launched her campaign based on her record of “fighting injustice” on the world stage, is an activist lawyer who cofounded the International Solidarity Movement, which encourages anti-Israel activists to take “direct action” to force confrontations with Israeli forces. Arraf has used her status as an American citizen to protect Palestinian terrorists, including during the infamous 2010 flotilla to Gaza that was blocked by the Israeli military. The flotilla, which was paid for by a group with ties to terrorist organizations, was loaded up with weapons and military equipment for Hamas.

The article goes on to state the following:

Arraf was also on the legal team for Palestinian terrorist Rasmea Odeh, who planned a 1969 Jerusalem terrorist attack that killed two and injured several others. Odeh was released in a 1980 prisoner exchange and later moved to the United States, where she was granted citizenship after she lied on immigration forms. Documents show that Arraf joined Odeh’s U.S. legal team in July 2016, as Odeh fought to maintain citizenship. Odeh was deported in 2017 by the Trump administration.

“It’s official, I’m running for Congress!! Please follow my campaign page for updates!” Arraf tweeted on Wednesday.

“I’m running to represent Michigan’s 10th district in Congress and deliver for the people on issues like affordable healthcare, education, and more. Help flip this seat by chipping in $10 or whatever you can today,” Arraf added in a fundraising push.

“I have been beaten, shot at, imprisoned and hijacked at sea standing up to injustice on the global stage. I’m not afraid of a fight. Today, I’m announcing my campaign for Congress in Michigan’s 10th District,” the Palestinian American announced.

The Israel War Room is sounding the alarm, releasing the following statement in a series of Twitter posts:

Huwaida Arraf is a radical antisemitic activist with a documented history of excusing, cheering, and participating in terrorism. @actblue should not allow their platform to fundraise for terrorists.

From @Telegraph: “In a 2002 article… Huwaida Arraf, a Palestinian Christian, urged: “The Palestinian resistance must take on a variety of characteristics, both non-violent and violent.”

In 2002, she volunteered as a human shield as a Palestinian terrorist group took over Bethlehem’s Church of the Nativity. She later bragged in a since-scrubbed speaking engagement profile about her role in that terror incident.

She was also a co-founder and spokesperson for the 2010 “Free Gaza Flotilla” and instigated violent confrontations with the Israeli Navy.

Why is @actblue allowing itself to be used for fundraising for documented terrorists?

To get more information about this article, please visit FreeBeacon.

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  1. The problem is not so much with these anti-Americans running, it’s more with the IDIOTS WHO VOTE FOR THEM!!! We don’t need any more commies in government, in fact; we need to remove the ones already there, and never allow another one they privilege!!!

    • The people who vote for these anti-Americans are the anti-American constituents of the candidate. They were placed in Michigan cities, as well as other cities of the U.S., by the Obama/Biden administration in order to infiltrate our our government to change our country to socialist, communist society and force us to change our beliefs against God and honor/praise Allah instead.

  2. As a Democrat! Gee, there’s a surprise.

    I’m old enough to remember when the Jewish-American community was a valued constituent of the Democrats’ Rooseveltian Coalition. Today’s Democratic Party, though, has become the new political seat of anti-Semitism in America, with people like Omar and this woman even calling publicly for the destruction of Israel. How much longer before American Jews adjust to this harsh new reality and begin their exodus from the Democratic Party?

  3. “I have been beaten, shot at, imprisoned and hijacked at sea standing up to injustice on the global stage. I’m not afraid of a fight. Today, I’m announcing my campaign for Congress in Michigan’s 10th District,” the Palestinian American announced.

    Hmmm…so…they missed?

  4. Why does America let evil garbage like this in our country.
    Her citizenship should be revoked and send her back to the country she came from.
    She should never be allowed in America again.
    Soros has probably put her up to this.

  5. If he’s associated with any kind of terrorist organization this shouldn’t be allowed period! MICHIGAN has a large Muslim population!

  6. I dont get it. 140 million dead. (30 million Christian) From Arab terrorists? Nope.
    TRY COMMUNISM. Created and sustained by Jewish men. Yet we constantly invite them to destroy our culture. WE have destroyed 2/3 of Europe to help “save communist” Bailed them out with money from bought political figures in ww2. Slaughter Palestinians for a political plan started in ww1..GOD IS NOW PUNISHING US FOR THIS.
    Democrats are communist, this is a smoke screen she will never win- need i remind you what happened to Trump?

  7. There is no hope for Michigan. Sorry to say. Just like in Minnesota, residents there are responsible for putting this shit in congress. WTF!

    Maybe the Mossad will help her disappear. What a blessing that would be.

  8. another terrorist soros pick. he’ll fit right in with talib and the other anti american wholes. god please don’t let him get elected but we know how the machines are rigged


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