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Voting irregularities—including potentially thousands of votes cast by non-citizens and the dead—were reported during the first phase of the Texas Secretary of State’s forensic audit of the 2020 general election, but critics deemed it more of a risk-limiting audit at this point.

The Texas Secretary of State’s office released its findings on Dec. 31, but the issues found are not enough to significantly impact 2020 election results of the four counties involved in the audit—Collin, Dallas, Harris, and Tarrant counties—which account for about 10 million people, or a third of the Texas population.

The article goes on to state the following:

“Generally speaking, nothing was found on such a large scale that could have altered any election,” said Sam Taylor, assistant secretary of state for communications, in an interview with The Epoch Times.

The following findings were revealed in the audit:

  • 11,737 potential non-US citizens registered to vote
  • 224,585 deceased voters removed from voter rolls in Texas since November 2020.
  • 67 potential votes cast in name of deceased people in Texas
  • Three of the four counties reviewed reported discrepancies between ballots counted electronically versus those counted by hand
  • Statewide, a total of 509 potential cross-state duplicate votes were cast in the November 2020 General Election – meaning these individuals may have cast a ballot in both Texas and another state.

CLICK HERE to read the full press release posted by Texas Secretary of State John Scott on Friday.

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  1. Regardless, THERE WAS FRAUD!!! If they found that much fraud in Texas, imagine how much fraud was done in swing states?? Massive voter fraud HAPPENED in 2020!!!

  2. I am glad they found this out, whether or not it would made a difference in the past election. Corrections should be made now. Inaccuracies will be cumulative in the future, and if not corrected could cause an inaccurate count and tip an election to the wrong person.

  3. In nearly every state we will find voting irregularities, but in the swing states, were Biden won with around 100000 votes had the impact in the 2020 election. These states need our attention and the attention of the courds.

  4. CHEATING! the only way Democrats can win. Why do you think the Borders are wide open? Democrats don’t care about fentanyl drug’s that killed thousands and thousands of kids MS-13 …Child smuggling for sex. Untested illegal aliens with China virus 🦠 being flown into a city near you walking across the Border. It’s all about the VOTE!

  5. I really dont care if theres not enough fraud to make a diffenece . It matters that there is fraud and more will happen until there is a big diffenence. Stop it now! ID for all legal citizens. If you are caught jail. Done!

  6. There will be huge amounts of fraud in the upcoming elections for 2022, & 2024.
    The Republicans better get ready to do something about it and hold people accountable if they do not want Texas to turn blue. I guarantee you that Tarrant, Collin, and Ft.Bend counties will have a lot more fraud in the next election.
    Why do you think these big name DemonRats are running for governor in Texas, Georgia, and Florida. This is how they are going to illegally flip these states blue. They are already working on it.

  7. They are covering up the real numbers and don’t want to reveal the truth because if you think it’s bad now ,we would have a civil war on there hands. And imagine if they did this in all the states. They will not change the outcome at this point They are only doing it so they can try to correct it for next time the good old boys club strikes again .dems reps all the same only old Donnie was a outsider and they couldn’t control him so that is what happened its that simple folks they are letting the country be destroyed because they are all together no matter what they say. And yes now you can say I’m a conspiracy person even tho I’m not . But funny how many lies has Donnie told you ,everything he said is coming true .

  8. Add the all up together for all states and you will find the election was fraudently won. Trump you will find is the Presudent. Let’s do something about it and get Mr Biden and Miss Harris out of our White House.


  10. Your saying not enough to have impacted 2020 election! THERE WAS FRAUD!! OK SONT GIVE A SHIT HOW MUCH! ANY FRAUD SHOULD OF IMMEDIATELY VOIDED EVERYTHING OUT!! Paper ballots ID ONLY! 1 vote!! NO ILLEGALS!


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