NEWS ALERT: Three GOP Reps join Dems on sneaky new amnesty bill to flood Americans’ white-collar labor market

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Several GOP legislators have joined with Democrats to push a draft migration and amnesty bill that supercharges the flow of foreign visa workers into the white-collar careers sought by many striving U.S. graduates.

Three GOP legislators have endorsed the combined amnesty and visa worker giveaway: Rep. Mike Lawler (R-NY),  Rep. Lori Chavez-DeRemer (R-OR), and Rep. María Elvira Salazar (R-FL).

Alongside the amnesty for many millions of blue-collar migrants, “What they’re doing is further deflating wages of white-collar workers,” said Kevin Lynn, founder of U.S. Tech Workers, an advocacy group for U.S. graduates, adding:

It’s another race to the bottom … No-one [in the establishment] seems to care that in the medical profession, and in all the other white-collar professions, wages are being deflated as people are being muscled out of jobs by the [visa worker] migrants.

The report explains that employers, investors, illegal migrants, and visa workers will all benefit from the new amnesty proposal… but Americans and their families won’t.

  • The bill effectively doubles the existing awards of green cards to 140,000 visa worker employees each year by promising extra green cards for their family members.
  • The bill also grants green cards to visa workers who have been working U.S. jobs — or studying — for 10 years.

The sneaky amnesty proposal is hidden in Section 51312, on page 490 of the 493-page bill, under the obscure title, “Individuals with Doctoral Degrees in STEM field Recognized as Individuals Having Extraordinary Ability,” Breitbart reveals. 

The report explains that receiving green cards allows the foreign workers to claim citizenship for themselves, their children, and their extended family, creating an endless chain reaction of immigration.

Rep. Salazar (Fla.), a Republican, touted in a Twitter post that she has joined Democrat Rep. Rep. Veronica Escobar (Tex.) in sponsoring the “Dignity Act,” to “solve the immigration crisis.”

Rep. Mike Lawler (R-N.Y.) touted the bill as well, saying it will “secure our border, create a process for those here to pay restitution & integrate into American society, & fix our legal immigration system.”

The third Republican backing the bill, Rep. Lori Chavez-DeRemer of Oregon, also touted the bill, tweeting, “Honored to join @RepMariaSalazar & @RepEscobar to introduce comprehensive border security & immigration reform. The Dignity Act is a bipartisan solution to help end the humanitarian crisis at our border while making overdue fixes to our immigration system.”

Democrat Rep. Kathy Manning (N.C.) says the Dignity Act “will address America’s workforce needs, strengthen our economy, provide pathways to citizenship for DREAMers & asylum seekers, and secure the border.”

Mark Zuckerberg’s is cheering the bill:

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  1. Does this ‘solve’ the immigration problem or does it just exacerbate it? I’m betting money it exacerbates it. The plan is to destroy American jobs by giving them to visa seekers (along with coveted citizenship rewards). This is giving a huge ‘FUCK YOU’ to Americans and they DON’T CARE!

    One more stepping stone on the path to destroying America and embracing socialism. It sucks!

  2. What a bunch of sell outs to big corporations. This will lead to the same thing that happened in 2001. Lay-offs of American workers and no jobs for recent college grads because visa holders stay employed. We supposedly have a shortage of medical workers (ie. Drs, PAs, nurses), but I know several straight A students denied positions in schools but visa students got in. This is not what voters expected Lori!!! This fixes nothing at the border. Just shows you are bought by Intel, among others.

  3. Dignity ?????? We wouldn’t have to worry about these peoples dignity if we closed our borders and only gave green cards to people after our citizens are fully employed. Please tell me why future doctors would take a backseat to immigrants! Our world makes no sense to me anymore.

  4. This is the danger of immigrants to our nation. Two of these three Republicans have Hispanic surnames. They are just fake republicans infiltrating to push theough democrat and socialist agendas. Today’s immigrants are nothing like what came through Ellis Island. They are now socialists bent on killing our nation and transforming into a Third World hell hole that they came from.

  5. My son was pushed out of Air Traffic Control school after completing a semester and having high grades due to this very thing!!!!

  6. Stop giving things to non-citizens. These representatives should work at making our schools great and number one. USA schools should be educating our children so they get these jobs instead of foreigners

  7. Wow! Lying thru their teeth about what this bill does, all of them, total traitors to the Am people. This will “fix” our immigration system? NOT.
    F—- them all. Get them out! This bill better not pass with that in it. We don’t need foreign PhDs taking jobs here; like there are no students of “extraordinary ability” that are citizens of the U.S.? BS.


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