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Former President Donald Trump lambasted Republican Sen. Mike Rounds of South Dakota in a scorching statement Monday morning, after Rounds said in an ABC News interview on Sunday that the 2020 election was fair.

“As a part of our due diligence, we looked at over 60 different accusations made in multiple states. There were some irregularities, there were none of the irregularities which would have risen to the point where they would have changed the vote outcome in a single state. The election was fair, as fair as we’ve seen. We simply did not win the election, as Republicans, for the presidency,” Rounds said on ABC’s This Week.

Below is Trump’s scathing response to Rounds’ remarks:

“Senator” Mike Rounds of the Great State of South Dakota just went woke on the Fraudulent Presidential Election of 2020. He made a statement this weekend on ABC Fake News, that despite massive evidence to the contrary, including much of it pouring in from Wisconsin, Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and other states, he found the election to be ok—just fine. Is he crazy or just stupid? The numbers are conclusive, and the fraudulent and irregular votes are massive.

The only reason he did this is because he got my endorsement and easily won his state in 2020, so now he thinks he has time, and those are the only ones, the weak, who will break away. Even though his election will not be coming up for 5 years, I will never endorse this jerk again.

It’s RINOs like this that are allowing the Democrats to destroy our Nation! Our Borders, our Military, our Economy, Inflation, the horrible handling of the China Virus and Afghanistan, and rampant crime throughout our Democrat-run cities are ripping our Country apart. We are a laughingstock throughout the world when we were respected and even feared just 1 year ago. There were no thoughts of Russia with Ukraine, China with Taiwan, Iran with nuclear weapons, or North Korea with nasty statements.

The Radical Left Democrats and RINOS, like “Senator” Mike Rounds, do not make it easy for our Country to succeed. He is a weak and ineffective leader, and I hereby firmly pledge that he will never receive my Endorsement again!”

Rounds also told ABC host George Stephanopoulos that Trump’s fate should be left in the hands of the Department of Justice and federal courts.   WATCH:

When asked whether he would support Trump if he runs for president again, Rounds, dodged, saying, “I’m going to support the Republican nominee to be president. I’m not sure that the eventual nominee has even shown up yet.”

Rounds posted the full interview on Twitter:

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  1. Yicks.. Trumps mad as hell about this dudes statement.. Did he go woke, well he said some shit many do not agree with, myself included. But hes didnt want to deal with bs of the left…i guess that’s woke..

  2. This idiot needs to go along with Liztard Cheney. One at a time. I called his office and left a message with one of his staff members. I told his aide that the so called senator easily accepted President Trump’s endorsement but when it came to the truth about the election results, he lied. I viewed to support and donate to his primary opponent. These RINOs need to know we mean business. Actions speak louder than words. VOTE HIM OUT!!

  3. We all know from the massive deception , with ballots being harvested, those that voting twice, mail in ballots without signature verification, the dead voting , non citizen voting . Franklin this list is endless.
    Anyone in their right mind can see Biden has Alzheimers , dementia, put in room that is not in the White House to speak with teleprompter and they cut the feed when he starts rambling.
    This is the man that Putin will respect and fear? No, we in the US do not.
    The whole world knows how he got in the Whitehouse and they know America is weak.
    Lookup the Enabling Act.
    This was passed in German for Hitler to have Absolute Power.
    Compare to yourGoverment now and Pelosi.
    Hitler in the making . History repeats itself if not recognized and fought against .

  4. Trump shouldn’t come out with saying this, especially if Trump plans running again. This Republican will give him a hard time like Cheney and Kissinger. Now saying that if we get the House and Senate back he won’t have much pull. This election was not fair, and Trump is 100 percent right about that.

  5. Remember the truth always comes out And we can no longer sit by and allow this kind of person in any position over any of us! And this guy was one of the republicans who sat silent Allowing our election to be stolen .When in fact all republicans should have been fighting . So they gave us this fascists regime That we are going to have to shed our blood getting rid of. And that includes him as well ! But his silence said volumes.
    He is part of the destruction of this country and the legal American people Remember! The one you vote for had better be earning their pay. And not for the world or illegals Americans only !
    If there is ever another election Make sure this one is removed. Remember folks these kinds of republicans gave us this mess because they did nothing but talk. And who he is giving his interview to says even more about who he serves

  6. Saying anything against the hostile takeover by this fascist regime And those who helped put them there will always get you censored or removed
    Think for yourselves Not be led like sheep by a lying politician
    Once again this is subject to removal due to Googles delicate nature
    They can’t handle the truth

  7. So he looked at only 60 peoples accusations. Did he look at the 3,000 affidavits Kerik and Giuliani gathered. Did he read Peter Navarros reports pointing out all the different categories of illegal and possibly fraudulent ballots in each of the swing states. Did he watch the video out there of midnight counting without observers in Georgia or of observers kept out of the counting room or kept so far away they couldn’t see anything. Did he see video of ballots being brought to counting centers in the middle of the night in Michigan. Shenanigans took place on large scale in the large cities in swing states where there was a miraculous come from behind win for Joe. Lost most the counties in those states but a win in only the large cities where he had to win them. I didn’t even mention all the illegal election law changes that those democrats in those states allowed. Does he know about the fraud given to Public Integrity section that the DOJ stood in the way of being investigated. A democrat in FL reported a Soros group was filling out mail in ballots and it was never investigated. This guy in South Dakota is naive. Too bad the feds instigated a riot at the Capitol just when debate was about to start laying out irregularities and fraud in states that were going to be objected to. How convenient for the democrats that the hours of debate televised for the world to see never happened. Trump was the last person who wanted a riot.

  8. 2020 was all fraud votes and Trump won the election but was given to dementia Biden with all illegals votes the stupid assholes Democrats and Biden idiot has ruined our country and I hope he goes to hell with the rest of the Democrats.


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