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As Donald Trump builds out a presidential-campaign-in-waiting, his team is focusing on an electoral strategy that relies on recapturing the five states that flipped to Joe Biden in 2020.

The five states — Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin — delivered a total of 73 electoral votes in 2020, enough to produce a decisive Electoral College victory for Biden. Since then, Trump has held four rallies, endorsed dozens of candidates and played a key role in shaping contests that could put his allies in top offices in those states in 2024.

The article goes on to state the following:

Trump’s shadow campaign also recently polled Trump-Biden matchups in the five states, all of which were decided in 2020 by fewer than 3 percentage points. According to the poll, a memo of which was obtained by POLITICO, the former president led Biden in Arizona by 8 percentage points, Georgia by 3 points, Michigan by 12 points, Pennsylvania by 6 points and Wisconsin by 10 points.

Results from the important battleground states are:

  • Arizona: Trump 51, Biden 43.
  • Georgia: Trump 48, Biden 45.
  • Michigan: Trump 53, Biden 41.
  • Pennsylvania: Trump 51, Biden 45.
  • Wisconsin: Trump 52, Biden 42.

Breitbart’s John Nolte published an opinion editorial about the new poll on Tuesday, and compared Trump’s strengths and weaknesses, along with his stance on the issues that helped him, against personality issues that sometimes hurt him.

Nolte wrote, “Trump was a great president, and he’s a charismatic man capable of enormous charm. He’s funny and smart and courageous and brimming with good ideas. That guy can trounce Biden. The other guy, the petty, self-involved guy, could easily lose again, and at great expense to the country.”

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) tweeted, “If there was ever any doubt about the viability of a Trump candidacy this polling data should remove ALL doubt. President Trump has command of the party in a primary, and in head-to-head matchups he is leading Joe Biden.”

“How could this be? People are living with the debacle of the Biden presidency and as a result, view the Trump presidency as better times. President Trump is well-positioned for a great American comeback but he has to play his cards well.”

Politico reporter Marc Caputo provided the following details in a series of Twitter posts:

Donald Trump is poll-testing a 2024 run in the 5 key swing states he lost to Joe Biden. In each, Biden is losing to Trump both in head-to-head matchups & on the issues surveyed, per
Trump’s pollster, Tony Fabrizio.

Another sign of Trump 2024 activity: his super PAC is holding its biggest fundraiser on Dec. 2 at Mar-a-Lago & it’s expanding its board to include Trump’s former national intelligence director Ric Grennel & former attorney general Matt Whitaker .

In the Fabrizio poll for Trump’s super PAC — the first of its kind for the 2024 cycle — Trump leads Biden & Biden’s approval ratings are down in AZ, GA, MI, PA & WI.

On the issues in the swing states, the Fabrizio poll has Trump up over Biden. It must be galling for Biden to think voters favor Trump on infrastructure —which Biden passed and Trump didn’t.

As for infrastructure, Fabrizio’s numbers show voters aren’t wild about it and, from what they know of it (which isn’t much), they also oppose the Build Back Better.

To get more information about this article, please visit Politico.

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    • Biden didn’t win and of the states. They were stolen. Arizona is a red state based on the policies we have in place. They is no way Biden won Arizona.

    • Biden didn’t win Washington State either Governor inslee called the election less than 10 minutes after the polls closed that doesn’t give anybody enough time to count over 3 million ballots not to mention the ones that were still coming in through the mail

  1. Joe Biden DID NOT WIN 2020. He stole it from Donald Trump in the biggest scandal in the United States history. Biden was put into office by evil and corrupt politicians on the left and right. It is so obvious that only an IDIOT could not see this. Justice for Trump should have been done but corrupt politicians will hide this as long as they can.

  2. Bidumb didn’t flip those 5 states. He cheated by stuffing ballot box, havesting ballots, voting dead, illegals, and all other criminal means! Illegal voting machines with play and play capabilities. Give Bideumbass another chance to still the election better on your toes! Cheaters, Liars, Crooks, briberers, etc GO TRUMPER!

  3. Biden did nothing to win. He proudly said on television that “they told me that I don’t even have to campaign if I don’t want to. They have everything covered.” Now exactly what meaning do you get out of that ? I get the idea that the democrats did have everything covered. A guaranteed win.

    • I 200% agree with you! It’s the Deep State Shadow Govt that is controlling our election results. They screwed up on getting Hillary elected in 2016 (and she is pissed at them) so they upped their game for the 2020 election and put Biden in the WH. But who is really making the decisions for America? Certainly not Biden. His mind is still in his basement. It’s Obama & co-horts of the Shadow Govt.

  4. I wish Lindsey Graham would shut the hell up. I don’t care what Graham has to say about anything. He is one for the biggest RINOs out there

  5. Trump has to win by 10 points just to be even because Democrats cesspools formerly known as American Cities are completely corrupt!

  6. Biden said you didn’t have to vote for him ,he was gonna win anyway. If that jackal run again in 24 and beats trump again ,the military needs to get involved, but first get rid off all the socialist military leaders


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