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Former President Donald Trump has responded after poll results released on Wednesday indicated that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is polling ahead of him in the state of New Hampshire.

The survey released by the University of New Hampshire Survey Center showed 39% of likely Republican primary voters in New Hampshire would support DeSantis, compared to 37% backing Trump.

The online survey was conducted among 944 adults in New Hampshire between June 16-20.

DeSantis has not announced a run for president, repeatedly insisting he’s just focused on being reelected as governor. However, he has consistently polled as the next preferred candidate, aside from Trump, in a potential 2024 presidential race.

However, in the New Hampshire poll, DeSantis is now leading Trump – a huge swing from the same poll in July of last year, where Trump had 47% support and DeSantis had 19%.

Wednesday evening, Trump shared the results of a poll by Zogby Analytics, which was an online survey taken by 408 likely GOP primary voters, from May 23-24.

In that poll, Trump is leading with 54%, compared to DeSantis at 12%.

Trump did not release any statement in posting the poll.

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  1. You see how these pollsters are trying to pin Trump and Desantis in a political battle and try to get mud slinging.

    • Exactly! Trump and Desantis need to run together, President and Vice President!! The Vice President should be as strong as the President in case anything happens.

      • That’s right. This is just the media playing its usual games. It will keep playing up DeSantis until DeSantis starts gaining steam in the primaries, and then suddenly he’ll be demonized just as Trump was in 2016 and since.

  2. The polls don’t mean anything! I want to see the debates leading up to the primary! If Donald Trump thinks he is favored he’s making a huge mistake! He can be way to cocky at times!

    • You keep complaining about Trump’s endorsement in Ohio, but you’ve yet to explain why. Often times endorsements are not about picking the best candidate but the candidate who can win. Do not let the Perfect become the enemy of the Good.

  3. Russia, Russia, Russia, Two Impeachments, Fake Media, Hollywood, Sport Celebrities, Rinos, and Big Tech…. None of them could handle Mr Trump….and Still World Champion….

  4. After the airquote ‘polling’ for 2016, people really believe in this stuff still?? Remember, they all but crowned President Hillary months before Election Day. 🤷‍♂️

  5. I’d rather keeo DeSantis as Governor. I plan on moving to FL and after living under Democrats for years in Va I found a Democrat Governor can hurt you big time. Just got the personal property tax for my car. $316.00 with some discount of $300.00. Not sure what that even means unless Youngkin did something and I don’t drive an extreme vehicle like a BMW or Mercedes.

  6. Propaganda in yet another form… Trump and DeSantis are close to the same with DeSantis being a little more sugar coated. And this makes the left VERY nervous… if they pair up as prez and vice they will be unbeatable and the DemonRats know it!

  7. Haha is Trump trying to dig up just 12 % more poll numbers to show him winning?! Sorry, if DeSantis ran for President I would vote for him this time! Same policies and leadership
    Strength without the narcissism.

  8. Trump is Trump. He has an ego larger then Alaska. He is confident and blunt. Some like that some don’t. Mean tweets and all, with Trump we know what we have. Someone who loves this country enough to put it before his billionaire lifestyle.


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