NEWS ALERT: Trump unleashes his fury over indictment in fiery social media posts, blasts Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, and special counsel Jack Smith

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Former President Donald Trump blasted out a new series of statements on his Truth Social account Friday evening, as he blasted the federal indictment filed against him by special counsel Jack Smith.

Trump also slammed the charges filed against him over his handling of classified documents, noting that Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton have not had any charges filed against them for their mishandling of classified information.

Hillary Clinton gloated on social media about the charges filed against Trump. “Here’s to justice,” she cheered in one Twitter post on Friday.

In another post, Clinton made a new pitch to see her hat, which includes the slogan, “But her emails.”  Clinton was never charged by the FBI over her use of a private server for classified emails when she was Secretary of State during the Obama administration.

In return, Trump ripped into Clinton, along with Joe Biden, and special counsel Jack Smith, who filed the indictment against him.

Below are Trump’s latest Truth Social posts as of Friday evening:

This Case has nothing to do with the Espionage Act, it only has to do with the Presidential Records Act, and also the Clinton Socks Case. It is a SCAM!

But Biden didn’t report anything to the Government, he got caught!

Biden was the one concealing and hiding documents at a level never seen before, including taking them from a SCIF while he was a Senator—unheard of!

Biden pressed Jack Smith to do this in order to take the pressure off the fact that they caught him stealing $5 Million.


Hillary Clinton deleted 33,000 emails, many of them Classified, and nobody did anything about it. I DID NOTHING WRONG, and got criminally charged!

Hillary and Biden were not Indicted. Hillary destroyed 33,000 emails with BleachBit, and smashed her phones with a hammer. Biden was even worse, but they didn’t get Indicted and, unlike them, I never gave a foreign power anything. Biden probably did. He gave to China because China gave him a lot of money?

The News Conference just given by Deranged Special Prosecutor (and Trump Hater) Jack Smith was one of the weakest ever. After putting our Country through Hell, with fake charges about a “No Crime” under the Presidential Records Act, the Clinton Socks Case, and more, he sheepishly spoke for three minutes, said nothing, and walked off the stage. He is a Coward and a Thug!

When the FBI raided Mar-a-Lago, they wouldn’t let my lawyers or representatives anywhere near them. They wouldn’t tell us what they took. Knowing them, and based on past performance, they probably later “stuffed” in other documents. My lawyers had to wait outside, on a very hot day. The FBI took my medical records, birth certificate, and passports, and just about anything else they were able to get their hands on. What a group! They didn’t do this to Crooked Joe Biden or Hillary.

Does everyone know that Deranged Special Prosecutor Jack Smith was in charge of Lois Lerner and the IRS Scandal?

REPORT: ‘Deranged Lunatic’: Trump Tears Into Special Counsel Overseeing Indictment, MORE!

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