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A shooting in Houston, Texas, left a 5-year-old dead and an 8-year-old wounded when the vehicle they were riding in came under gunfire as it stopped at an intersection early Sunday morning.

Speaking to reporters at the scene, Houston Police Assistant Chief Chandra Hatcher said officers received several phone calls before 1 a.m. about a shooting in the 13300 block of Northborough Drive. They arrived at the scene but did not see any witnesses, suspects or complainants, Hatcher said.

The article goes on to state the following:

Further investigation determined a mother was driving in the area with her two kids and had stopped at a stop sign at an intersection when her vehicle came under gunfire.

Hatcher reported that the woman then “left the location immediately once she realized her children were shot and immediately took them to the hospital.”

While police arrived on the scene of the reported shooting, officers became aware of two children arriving at a nearby hospital with gunshot wounds.

Hatcher said the 8-year-old is expected to make a full recovery, but the 5-year-old died of the injuries.

“It is unclear if the complainants were the intended targets of the shooting or if there was something else going on in this area at the time,” Hatcher continued. “We do not know a motive. We do not have suspect descriptions other than potentially two Black males in a dark-colored vehicle. We are looking for surveillance footage out here and are gathering evidence.”


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  1. 19% of the population in the USA commits 50% of the crime.. N the murder rate, climbs…unfuking believable

  2. Let’s change these types of shootings to asassination of our society because it’s becoming so deliberately common! Read between the lines.

  3. So again I will ask, why aren’t the anto gunners going after the criminals with illegal guns
    …instead of citizens that own them legally


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