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The White House has announced that Allison Crimmins will lead a major government report on climate change after the Trump-era pick for the job was removed earlier this year.

Crimmins, a climate scientist who spent almost a decade working at the Environmental Protection Agency, is now the director of the Fifth National Climate Assessment.

The article goes on to state the following:

The assessment, which is expected to be released in 2023, is used to both inform government policy and provide the public with information about the changing climate.

The report notes that the White House removed Betsy Weatherhead from the role in April, “amid tension with other officials over the climate report.”

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  1. They have had droughts since the world began and for every scientist that claims there is climate change there is another scientist that will tell you there is no such thing. The changes you see are simply normal weather.

  2. the biden administration should release crimmins’ CV. And we should all check her out on social media, if it’s not been scrubbed already…

  3. Remember the 2000 hoax, the one that the Government said would harm computers cause of using the last 2 #’s. We now still use the last 2 #’s.

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