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Former President Donald Trump released a blistering statement on his website blog Wednesday evening, responding to the news that a group of over 100 “former Republican officials” are threatening to form a new party.

Trump zeroed in on Miles Taylor, one of the organizers of the group, and a former Trump administration official.  Taylor served in the Department of Homeland Security from 2017 to 2019, including as chief of staff to former DHS secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and acting secretary Kevin McAleenan.

In 2018, while deputy chief of staff to Nielsen, Taylor wrote a NY Times op-ed titled, “I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration,” and signed it “Anonymous,” which created wide speculation of the author’s identity.  He finally revealed that he was “Anonymous” in October 2020.

In his statement released on Wednesday, Trump recalled that Taylor was Anonymous, but appeared to dismiss or forget the role Taylor held in his administration.

Below is Trump’s fiery statement:

A guy named Miles Taylor, who I have no idea who he is, don’t remember ever meeting him or having a conversation with, gets more publicity pretending he was in the inner circle of our Administration when he was definitely not. Some people refer to him as “absolutely nothing.” I hear he is on CNN and MSDNC all the time, but he had nothing to do with any of my decisions, and I wouldn’t even know what he looks like. He is the guy who fraudulently wrote a make-believe book and statement to the failing New York Times calling himself “Anonymous.” That’s right, he, a lowlife that I didn’t know, was Anonymous.

Now he’s putting together a group of RINOs and Losers who are coming out to protest President Trump despite our creating the greatest economy ever, getting us out of endless wars, rebuilding our Great Military, reducing taxes and regulations by historic levels, creating Space Force, appointing almost 300 Judges, and much, much more! He is a phony who will probably be sued over his fake book and fake “Anonymous” editorial, which caused so much treasonous stir.

Miles Taylor and his fellow RINO losers like Tom Ridge, Christine Todd Whitman, and Crazy Barbara Comstock voted for Biden, and now look what they have—a socialist regime with collapsing borders, massive tax and regulation hikes, unrest in the Middle East, and long gas lines. He is even giving us men setting new records playing women’s sports. What a disaster for our Country it has been!

Taylor responds…. Miles Taylor responded on Twitter, sharing a copy of Trump’s statement – along with a photo of himself with Trump in the Oval Office.

“I’d send him a response on here, but only one of us has a Twitter account. If I ever can’t find a home, I know I can live rent-free in this guy’s head (granted, the pipes are broken, the carpets are filthy, and the management is perpetually out to lunch),” Taylor mocked.

Another Twitter user also shared a photo of Trump with Taylor and tweeted, “Trump is claiming he never met Miles Taylor. Wrote an entire rant about how he could not be Anonymous cause Trump has no idea who he is. Here we go again.”

In an MSNBC appearance on Wednesday, Taylor said he was issuing a threat: “If the GOP doesn’t fix its act, then we’re going to hasten the creation of an alternative.”

Heath Mayo, a conservative in Texas and self-described “Never Trumper,” also responded to Trump’s statement, writing, “I would like to thank Mr. Trump for advertising, in his most recent statement, that his and the GOP’s actions are causing many long-time conservatives to walk away. GOP voters should ask themselves: Will shrinking the team for the sake of one man’s lies really win the future?”

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  1. Call themselves the “establishment” party, and run on a platform of unconstitutional or left leaning values. Sorry, but I’ll take the party that *actually* worked for Americans and made America prosper after 8 yes of Obama, and 8 yrs of Establishment warmonger bush/Cheney.

  2. These never republicans want to start another party of everything that was broken in the Republican Party with the same old rhinos and ideas that failed years of bad policies and laws. And they think people are going to vote for them what a joke

  3. Appears to me Mr Mayonnaise, you are acting just like The losers from Lincoln Project ,, whining either us few get our way or we will destroy the party. Pitiful losers ,, Conway’s Lincoln Project may take you all ,,, they like losers and crooks and pedifiles.

  4. So he had a picture taken. How about all the pictures of Bill with Epstien n saying, ” whatchu talkin bout willis”.. Lmao… These Never Trumpers are going to get OOPSED UPSIDE DA HEADS again… Lowlife RINOS… Send them packing… Tyler, a nobody to TRUMP MADE YA FAMOUS.. BUT UR FIRED….ASSHOLES.

  5. Trump calls it like it is and hurts their feelings in the process and that’s why they don’t like him. They’d rather have an administration that smiles and speaks softly all the while stabbing them in the back. President Trump got the job done!!!

  6. Who is this Miles Taylor another rhino. Get rid of them all. We need to get rid of these establishment Republicans who are crooked and on the payroll of these liberals. They are being blackmailed for all of their crooked crap. They need to go

  7. Miles Taylor probably asked if he could have a photo taken with President Trump.

    Trump cannot be expected to remember everyone he fleetingly meets.

  8. you know what !! this is one problem of Republicans especially this RiNO just talking talking nothing to be done ..all of you threatening Trump why not do it ..form another PARTY if all of you Smart before you see something form a party first you show to american if someone will votes to all of you ..i guarantee you NO one will ride on your Boat.. you just one of the bull shit in this country just talking and talking facking all of you you don’t do good in this country you traitor all you form party ash hole

  9. I mean, I actually want a 3rd party. GOP has proven time and again that it’s not United behind Trump or the People. It’s divided and corrupt. We have 3 branches of govt, why not a 3rd political party? One that’s unstained by GOP and DNC. The party for the People, that is CITIZENS. Party for God, Jesus and Christians. Freedom and liberty.

  10. Hope they start a new party and leave, this way we can get rid of the Rinos that plagued the Republican Party. That will be great! They all are haters and we don’t need them!

  11. These people are utter morons. Most of those so called long time conservatives are the ones most of us are sick of. They’re in most cases no different than the long time Democrats. They all go out there and throw a periodic bone to the voters while enriching themselves. They talked about our Founding Fathers and the Constitution yet wasn’t it the Founding Father’s that wanted everyone to have a chance at serving something they don’t seem to want or they would serve one term and go so others could serve.

  12. This guy is a wanna be loser! Trying to get something for nothing. He looks like he’s only 15 years old. What a joke! Way more trumpers out here than never trumpers. He’s gonna be a big time loser!

  13. Miles Taylor you are a spineless twaddle, worthy of a kick up the derriere. You rant and rage like a ten year old on a tantrum; not able to get your own way. Pathetic! All you rinos are a curse to the GOP. Get out the way snd let real men lead that have gumption and improve the economy, that have a proven record. TRUMP 2024!

  14. Miles Taylor you are a spineless twaddle, worthy of a kick up the derriere. You rant and rage like a ten year old on a tantrum; not able to get your own way. Pathetic! All you rinos are a curse to the GOP. Get out the way snd let real men lead that have gumption and improve the economy, that have a proven record.

  15. Kick the globalist out of the party and start supporting American business and not mega corporations that want cheap labor brought in at all cost.


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