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The ex-con charged over the deaths of six people at a Wisconsin Christmas parade shared social media posts calling for violence against white people — and suggesting “Hitler was right” for killing Jews.

Darrell Brooks Jr. — who has a decades-long rap sheet — shared a series of disturbing memes and messages on social media, most of which have been deleted since his arrest for Sunday’s deadly carnage.

The article goes on to state the following:

They included numerous posts attacking cops, comparing them to Ku Klux Klan members and calling them “violent street gangs” — as well as calling for violence toward white people, according to screenshots.

Journalist Andy Ngo shared screenshots of many of Brooks’ social media posts before they were taken down.

Brooks, a rapper, had a Facebook account under his stage name, “MathBoi Fly.”

A June 9, 2020 post reads: “LEARNED ND TAUGHT BEHAVIOR!! so when we start bakk knokkin white ppl TF out ion wanna hear it… the old white ppl 2, KNOKK DEM TF OUT!! PERIOD..”

Another post on Friday an NBC News report with the headline, “Kyle Rittenhouse found not guilty on all counts.”

In June and July of 2020, Brooks also tweeted support for Black Lives Matter, tweeted vulgar post against police, and tweeted support for toppling statues.

The Daily Beast has ripped into Ngo for reporting on Brooks’ social media posts:

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  1. He is the poster child for the Democrat party. He emblazons everything the party is about these days. He is another one of their success stories. I’m sure he needs a statue or a mural at some point as well.

  2. This cry baby couldn’t stand hearing what he was charged with and the possibility of life in prison on all 5 counts. He cried like the baby he is.

  3. Take off the vest. Let him do the world a favor !! Either way the brain damaged will erect a statue if him and place it next to Floyd ! It will be a proud place to take their children !


  4. So UNTIL he ran over those INNOCENT people those posts were up.and that was ok ?? Yet Trump has been BANNED from all social media . Ok that makes perfect sense getting this scums messages out THEN deleting them.after ALL saw them.and spread them all over the universe

    FJB .

    • I agree but hatered for Trump is like a cancer and no matter what anyone else says or does it cant compare to what they think Trump did, which was nothing but help this country.

  5. Social media should be held accountable for allowing this to be out their for anyone to read and act on. Innocent lives lost for what reason. He is a domestic terrorists and needs to be charged as one. The families that were in the parade and watching the parade will never get those images out of their minds. The children will be effected by this for years to come. He needs to be tortured everyday for the rest of his life. All those who let him out and back on the streets need to be charged with a crime. Judges are suppose to uphold the law not allow criminals to go out and do the same thing or worse just because they can’t afford bail. If they hadn’t committed a crime they wouldn’t have to worry about bail. AOC and the rest of the squad need to answer for this as well.


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