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The Dennis Michael Lynch Podcast is 56-minutes for this day, Nov 9.

DML is joined by Couy Griffin, Founder of Cowboys for Trump.

Griffin gives eery details of his arrest and confinement in connection to the January 6 protest at the Capital.

LISTEN below or click to watch the program.

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  1. GOP! You spineless bastards do something to free these people! BLM and Antifa thugs burned, looted and destroyed cities, yet those thugs were never put in jail! This is unjust treatment. Stand up or be counted out!!! Sick of the GOP letting the Dems trample over you and you do nothing!

  2. Dennis I am so thankful that you gave Coy a platform to tell his experience, i followed him across the country on horseback meet conservatives, talking about and carrying our flag, opening eyes to what patriotism is all about and where our country is going. He made a lot of friends and boosted Americans and gave them hope for a better future. Your interview is so telling and happy to hear from him, I’ve missed him!! I will be sharing as many places as I can! Maybe Trump will get to hear your interview, I hope so!!

    God bless and Thank you again, I look forward to future podcasts!!


  3. Another great eye opening podcast Coy is one terrific guy who has and continues to go through unjust Hell i pray things get much better for him( getting off that horrid list to start ,.as terrorists are simply LET In to our country ) and his family and that the family and friends that turned thier backs on him realize how very wrong they are and mend thier ways . Bless him.

  4. I have to disagree with you DML. I don’t think there is ANYBODY that is better then Trump to be President. He is the only one that has the guts and balls to say exactly what I think to so many of the idiots and evil satanic people in Washington. The only President who stood for everyone of my values. The only President who
    Is a nationalist and not a globalist. We do need him back ASAP though so zi fo agree with your guest who got the shaft from this evil dictator and his evil minions who occupies the White House. I literally hate the man in the office now.

  5. I happen to disagree with you DML Trump was the best President ever. I wonder if your u really don’t want him to run in 2024. Why? what did he do could you explain you did a 360.. just a few months ago you loved Trump what happened? to you u?? Let’s see if u answer

    • i never said “i love trump”, and i’ve continuously said i want desantis. you don’t need to sound so radical. try taking your emotions out of it. example: i think joe montana got a raw deal from the 49ers, and i think he’s a great QB, but if i was a coach today i wouldn’t pick him to lead my team. his time is over and there’s better choices for the next game. i’d pick younger blood. doesn’t mean i don’t like joe or the victories he made back when.

  6. Dennis, I feel that these people should be charged if there is a charge. What happened to due process! The rotors that burned public property, destroyed and vandalized property where charged and released.


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