DML Morning Briefing May 26th

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Today is May 26. Below are some of the stories grabbing headlines this morning. I hope you share this briefing as doing so will make you the smartest person in the room. And don’t forget to download the free DML App from the Google Play or Apple App Store to remain connected to me throughout the day.

1. McCarthy Holds the Line for Deep Spending Cuts, Other Concessions from Democrats in Debt Deal:

Breitbart – House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) remains firm in his negotiations with the White House and Senate Democrats, advocating for significant spending cuts and other important concessions from the left in exchange for raising the debt ceiling.

Sources involved in the negotiations have revealed that the White House proposed a freeze on spending at current levels. However, McCarthy rejected this proposal and is insisting on actual reductions in spending levels instead.

At present, sources involved in the negotiations are uncertain about the precise extent of the spending cuts that will be implemented. However, some sources suggest that the cuts could reach the magnitude of tens or even hundreds of billions of dollars. Additionally, there is discussion about introducing caps on discretionary non-military spending in the coming years.

Denny’s Insight: June 1 is next week. It looks like we all know where this is going…


2. CNN hits Biden with ‘horrible news’ as poll shows 66% of Americans call a 2024 victory a ‘disaster,’ ‘setback’:

Fox News -CNN delivered “horrible news” for President Biden as the network’s latest polling offered a grim forecast ahead of his 2024 reelection bid.

The poll released Thursday show a whopping 66% of Americans view a Biden victory in the upcoming presidential election as either a “disaster” or a “setback” for the United States.

“Horrible news, horrible for Joe Biden,” CNN anchor Jake Tapper reacted to the poll.

“Those are some bad numbers,” he later added.

Denny’s Insight: Love it when the mainstream media turns on their own kind.


3. St. Louis mayor enacts executive order to ‘fight to protect our trans community’:

Washington Examiner – St. Louis Mayor Tishaura Jones signed an executive order on Thursday promoting healthcare for transgender patients.

Jones signed the executive order to show the city’s “fight to protect our trans community,” per a press release. The mayor acknowledged that the state capital was enacting “overwhelming attacks” on the same community she was trying to protect as a reference to the recently passed law that bans puberty blockers for minors.

“In St. Louis, everyone deserves to thrive, regardless of their gender identity or expression,” Jones said in a statement. “I’ve heard from trans youth and their families who feel like hateful attacks from Jefferson City Republicans will force them to leave our state. This order sends the message that St. Louis will fight to protect our trans community in the face of bigotry.”

The executive order promises to support transgender athletes competing at recreation centers, disallow any sports program from asking about an athlete’s gender, provide all-gender bathrooms in its centers, and commit to organizing a summit on gender-transition care in the future, among other things.

Denny’s Insight: More pandering from Democrat mayor, nothing new or original.


4. Jill Biden awkwardly tells audience ‘thought you might clap’ after no round of applause in Jeb Bush-like blunder:

First lady Jill Biden suffered a Jeb Bush “please clap” moment on Thursday, when her applause line fell utterly flat during an event in Washington.

“I’ve visited red states and blue states and I’ve found that the common values that unite us are deeper than our divisions,” Jill told an audience at the Reagan Institute Summit on Education in Washington, DC.

After saying the line, the first lady paused for a moment before reacting with surprise at spectators’ non-reaction.

“And, um, I thought you might clap for that,” said Biden, drawing laughs and applause.

The first lady’s plea for plaudits was reminiscent of former Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush’s viral moment of desperation on the campaign trail in 2016.

Denny’s Insight: Jill Biden constantly acts like she needs to be praised and gawked at as some philanthropic figure who could do no wrong… yeah, right. She’s Eve in the garden as far as I’m concerned.


5. Elon Musk’s Neuralink Startup Receives FDA Approval For First In-Human Brain Chip Implant Clinical Study:

Daily Wire – Elon Musk’s Neuralink neurotechnology startup company received approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Thursday to launch its first in-human clinical study.

“This is the result of incredible work by the Neuralink team in close collaboration with the FDA and represents an important first step that will one day allow our technology to help many people,” the company said on Twitter.

Musk has touted that over the years, the experimental brain-chip implant could treat neurological disorders such as paralysis and blindness by bridging signals between existing neurons, and would allow humans to save and replay memories, saying that “the future is going to be weird.”

Neuralink received FDA breakthrough designation for its technology three years ago, and Musk repeatedly claimed that human trials would begin immediately. However, the company had its application rejected in early 2022 by the FDA over safety concerns.

Denny’s Insight: My question to you is the following… would you allow yourself to be microchipped for work, let alone anything else? Leave your comment below.



    • Perhaps Japan’s effort to create babies grown in artificial wombs will solve it’s aging population and low birth rate issue too. The problem is in the dark side capabilities of these unnatural inventions.

  1. My soul is fully consumed by Jesus there’s no room for man’s experiments, my spirit soars with the lord. No mark of the beast only my happy intercession with God, I want more of him – less of this medical intervention. My decernment is not for sale, I know whom I believe in.

  2. There are valid concerns and arguments against the idea of implanting microchips in the human brain. Here are a few points to consider:

    1. Invasion of privacy: Implanting a microchip in the brain raises significant privacy concerns. The chip would have the potential to record and transmit an individual’s private thoughts, memories, and emotions, leading to a breach of personal autonomy and the right to mental privacy. Such an invasion of privacy could have serious ethical and legal implications.

    2. Security risks: Introducing a microchip into the brain creates vulnerabilities that could be exploited by malicious actors. Hacking into the chip’s software or gaining unauthorized access to the information it collects poses serious risks to an individual’s mental well-being and personal security. Protecting against such cyber threats would require constant updates and stringent security measures, which may not always be foolproof.

    3. Unforeseen health consequences: The long-term effects of implanting a microchip in the brain remain uncertain. The brain is an incredibly complex organ, and tampering with its delicate balance could have unforeseen consequences on mental health, cognitive functions, and overall well-being.

    4. Loss of human connection: The integration of technology into our lives has already led to concerns about diminishing interpersonal connections. The widespread use of brain microchips could further erode human interaction and empathy. If people can communicate directly through implanted chips, it may reduce the value and richness of face-to-face interactions, leading to a society that is more isolated and disconnected.

    It is important to thoroughly consider these arguments, as well as others, before embracing the idea of implanting microchips in the human brain. Ethical, privacy, health, and societal implications should be carefully examined and addressed to ensure the well-being and autonomy of individuals in the face of advancing technologies.

  3. My mother was totally blind, I never knew her to see, yet she didn’t complain. However, if Elons chip would have the ability to restore her vision she would have been the first in line to get it. The positives surely will outplay the negatives.

  4. The problem is that this is an unknown so you certainly don’t know that the positives out play the negatives! Look at the COVID shots, that was surely a failure although if you look on the bright side the drug companies certainly benefited along with some political investors! Also our “leaders”found out how many people would bow to the government and their mandates so it wasn’t a total bust!

  5. No chipping for this one, any experiments to be done, will only be done by God on this body. I belong to him, he created me. Amen

  6. Also true Rick. No telling how much they would be able to do to take control of your body and it not be you anymore.

    Jill Biden should be ashamed of herself for leading Joe down his path instead of telling him to stop and take care of himself and enjoy all his vacations and naps without ridicule. she is too into herself and her desires.

  7. I do not trust Elon Musk. His Tesla is made with CCP help in China. The Biden gov’t continues to give him money for his alternative energy car. He is pushing everyone to join Starlink which will be used to spy on us and control us, shutting down your car when THEY want. Now he wants to put chips in disabled people, which could be used to kill them by causing hormones and chemicals to be released. Robin Cook is a great medical thriller writer and he has written many books about all these issues and the dangers of them being used by the Establishment, or greedy for profit corporations. I do not trust anything from FDA, as they are paid off and totally corrupt. I don’t trust the Big Pharma, Big Health agencies, or even our local hospitals and doctors who took millions of $$ to push death by remdesivir/vents. The invention of the Cocklear Implant might be similiar and it has aided tens of thousands to hear. But how can we trust any of the Big Corps after they gave $83B to BLM, and are now pushing trans and gay practices on our kids, and pushing clothes etc??

  8. The only scenario for which I would consider Neuralink would be paralysis victims and those who have suffered traumatic brain injuries. If this could restore function to their minds and bodies, my goodness, I can’t imagine anyone in that condition who would not want to take a chance at becoming more independent and whole again.
    Other than THAT, a big NO from me.

  9. Rick has done it again . Excellent. Agree with it all, but do you have thoughts on the possible pros of this process to help people, or should we not use those inflicted as guinea pigs..

  10. 4.No words for Jill, but are we sure it was not Jill who broke her crown coming down the hill? Jack and Jill… We already know about Joe’s issue.

  11. Neurolink is the beginning of becoming a transhuman. God’s creation does not need Elons chip in their brain. What could possibly go wrong?

  12. #1 People say it would be a disaster if Biden got re-elected but 60% democrats support & 45% will vote for him. If that’s not insane then what is. That 45% must be every democrat in congress they surveyed.

    #2 No I wouldn’t have a implant but I can see the appeal to people who are paralyzed or blind but when you play God there’s bad things that happen.


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