OP-ED: One of America’s most popular beers to rebrand with retro look

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The swag is pretty dope here.

Nostalgia from the 70’s and 80’s — you could even say 90’s at this point — always pops off, and Natural Light (yes, the beer company) completely gets that.

Pretty soon, Natural Light will be making over its beer brand, with the company going back to a 1979 design featuring a throwback logo, a crest (which I love, being a soccer fan), and old school gold and navy blue colors.

Krystyn Stowe, who is Natural Light’s head of marketing, commented, “There’s been a lot of conversation about how ‘what is old is now what is cool,’ so we wanted to look back into our archives, so the can itself is harkening back to the design of the late 1970s.”

Daily Caller’s Andrew Powell wrote, “Nostalgia from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s is always cool, and the more and more we creep into the 2000’s, the cooler it gets. So not only is Natural Light a success here with maturing its brand, but they also made themselves cooler.”

Morning Brew tweeted Monday, “Big changes are coming to your college campus. Starting in February, Natural Light will permanently rebrand its cans with the company’s 1979 design. Following a recent test run in North and South Carolina, the redesigned cans saw their best rate of sale in years. (@CNN)”

Natural Light tweeted, “Not sure what’s more beautiful, our new can or Beck Bennett’s hair. Let us know down below 👇”

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