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When one of the most recognizable nonprofits in the world loses 75% of its contributions over a four-year period, there are typically investigatory reports written into what has gone wrong. That isn’t the case with the Clinton Foundation. The Foundation received $62.9 million in 2016 but only $16.3 million in 2020, and very few people seem to have noticed.

That is because most Beltway insiders know the Clinton Foundation’s primary purpose: to serve as a platform for Hillary Clinton’s political operation while lining the Clintons’ pockets by trading influence for money. That is why donations spiked when Hillary was secretary of state and most of the world thought she was destined to become president — and why they cratered after she lost.

The article goes on to state the following:

Kevin Thurm, the CEO of the Clinton Foundation, tried to play off the 2020 decline off as pandemic-related. In a letter, he wrote that 2020 “was a difficult year for philanthropy. Across the sector, resources were stretched thinly and fundraising activities were impacted.” This argument doesn’t explain the tens of millions the Foundation lost between 2016 and 2019 and ignores that charitable giving was up by 5.1% in America last year.

In his op-ed, just published Friday afternoon, Fitton notes that it’s easy to understand the real reason donations to the Clinton Foundation have plummeted since 2016. “The Foundation is an influence-peddling scheme, and the Clintons’ influence has waned,” Fitton writes.

“When it became clear they’d never hold power again, donors predictably turned off the cash spigot,” he added.

Fitton further explains that then-President Barack Obama made Hillary Clinton agree to a strict memorandum of understanding when he nominated her in 2009 to serve as Secretary of State, in order to prevent conflicts of interest with the State Department.

However, Clinton violated the agreement, and used the State Department to help Clinton Foundation donors, Fitton added.

CLICK HERE to read more of this opinion editorial by Tom Fitton, as he explains why the Clinton Foundation is collapsing, and reveals that another money machine is rising.

Hint: Amazon’s Jeff Bezos just dumped $100 million into the Obama Foundation.

REPORT: Obama Foundation accepts HUGE donation from Jeff Bezos

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  1. This money scheme needs to stop. Its like money laundering which is illegal especially if Trump did the same thing. I hate the m I need spent on campaigns. We use to tell kids you can be anything you want. Not even a local position unless you have money. Money created rinos.


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