OP-ED: Why this ‘Fox & Friends’ co-host is grateful his wife went to get new sunglasses

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As the most reliable and balanced news aggregation service on the internet, DML News App offers the following opinion editorial written by Steve Doocy and published by Fox News:

Thanksgiving is a lousy week to start a diet.

But this week is a wonderful time to reflect and give thanks. I thank God for three wonderful children. I was also so lucky 36 years ago when my then-future wife Kathy said yes. There is one other thing I think about a lot during the holidays, I thank God that Kathy and I went to get new sunglasses—because those sunglasses saved her life.

That is not a joke. Let me explain. When our second book, “The Happy in a Hurry Cookbook” was released in fall of 2020, because of the pandemic, there was no in-person book tour, so Kathy and I recorded a video that explained how we became cookbook authors. We explained how years earlier, Kathy and I planned to take the kids on a vacation to Florida. Our sunglass prescriptions were years old, so we went to see our local eye doctor Patrick Clancy.

Doocy writes that when Dr. Clancy examined Kathy, he said “It’s probably nothing, but she’s got what looks like a freckle on the back of her eye.”

The Doocy’s were told to go back in a few months, and after a brief exam they were referred to a retina doctor, who told them to go to Philadelphia, “Right now.”

There, they Carol Shields, “one of America’s foremost eye doctors,” according to Doocy.

“Kathy, you have eye cancer,” Shields said. “But…I can save your life.”

Kathy had a “rare and deadly” that was treated with radiation quickly so that it would not spread somewhere else, like the liver or lungs.

Although she’s had “some significant challenges from the effects of the radiation,” Kathy has been free of cancer for over five years. What’s more, her story has led others to detection and effective treatment of ocular melanoma, prompted the couple to write a number one New York Times best-selling cookbook, and through the proceeds from that book, they donate money to eye cancer research.

“So even if you don’t wear glasses—please get your eyes checked, just in case,’ Doocy writes. “We are thankful so many Americans have taken Kathy’s advice and done just that. At the very least, you can always get a prescription for new sunglasses.”

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  1. Who would have ever known you could have got melanoma in your eye. That is awesome I had no idea. It was just meant for her to see that eye doctor God bless her and her family too. It’s wonderful that she got treatment soon and saved her life people don’t thank God is in control of your life but he still is he still watches over all of us. Even though people don’t realize it God is still there for us.


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